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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Good Life & The Evolution of You(Me)

Life really is good - I love this version of the video - but, as always, the picture I see in my head? You guys reading my blog with this playing in the background! LOL

So, once upon a time, there was this guy named Solon. Solon was, in fact, one of the "Seven Wise Men" of Greece. He was smart, he was a little peculiar, and he DOMINATED Athenian politics for decades... he was actually credited for founding Democracy in Athens. (1) So, Solon was a pretty smart guy; but more than that? He was Cool... he wasn't just focused on knowledge for it's own sake; like so many of his Athenian counterparts... Solon was all about knowledge for the sake of the SOUL. You see, he was of the belief that progress came through learning that lead to actions that improved the world around him... and that led to the improvement of the soul... which was the whole point of being. To him, our whole lives were about this evolution of enlightenment within ourselves, our own soul - he wasn't as concerned as the WORLD at large evolving; he thought the good life started from within and radiated out. (2)

And that? Is a thought I can take and run with... and I guess kind of am with the #TR30Days challenge.

I was talking to this guy earlier in the week - he's something of an enigma to me at present (3) - but that's part of the fun to talking with new people & getting to know new folks. Anyway, somehow we got onto how we've evolved over the years from the perspective of our personas. In some respects, I'm exactly the same as I was when I was 4 years old: I've still never met a stranger, still believe that life is pretty much wholly geared around the relationships you make/keep & success is measured by the positive leverage of the same. (4) I'm still in no real definable social circle & flit in and out of most of them - just like I did in school. Still love music, God, old movies, and unsalted popcorn... though, not necessarily in that order. Overall, with most people I am mostly 'Pollyanna' and it still drives some nuts sometimes. And most importantly? I still believe I have a really good life... always have. Less than cool to downright-tragic circumstances pop up throughout life for everyone - myself included; but, those are temporal & regardless of what they are, it doesn't overshadow the overall tone - there's so many more good memories & experiences than bad ones. Sometimes, I think it's easy to lose sight of that when you're down in the middle of something.

Yeah, in a lot of ways, I'm still the same. At my core, I think am who I always was - but, over the years, my methods for expressing it, my comfort with who I am, my perspectives & coping mechanisms, my fashion sense and what that means? That's changed.. it evolves. And that's not anything earth-shattering; it's SUPPOSED to change. We shouldn't completely be the exact same person we were 2,5,10,20 years ago... sometimes I wonder what the litmus test is for determining if we're really IMPROVING or just changing, though.

Anyway, it just got me thinking; so, thought I'd share. To end this one with a little bit of funny & on a much lighter note? I'm adding a slide-show of the "Evolution of Me" from my fashion perspective. Made me laugh, anyway... :p Scroll over the picture for the captions. :)

Note to Apple Users: Here's the Link to the slideshow since it doesn't show up on iGadgets... maybe it'll work this way? If not, check FB; I'll be linking it there. :)

(1) though, he didn't actually believe 'common folk' should rule; just that they should be consulted and allowed the chance to opine before the Aristocracy levied a decision. So, not really Democracy in my book... but, at least he gave the little people a voice, right? :p
(2) I suspect you always knew where you stood with this dude & I also suspect he was fairly intense; given he believed happiness was only achieved when dead. yikes!
(3) the good kind, puzzling - I'll think I have his # figured out and something'll be said/come up that makes me wonder. It's slightly fascinating, really.
(4) YES, I -DID- have that figured out at 4. What can I say? I'm a genius (and could have dominated the world; but I'm not totally sure I would have been a benevolent dictator... so, probably just as well that I didn't ;) ). :p

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