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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Results Are In: I Did It! #TR30Days Learning Round-Up

Well... I did it.  I made it through 30 days.  That, in and of itself, isn't much of an accomplishment.. basically, what I'm saying there? Is that I didn't die.  And, since my birthday is next Friday? I'm rather okay with that... think it'll be rather convenient to be alive when I turn 33. :)

So, on to the bucket list.  It's pretty long, so I'm going to say if you want to read the comprehensive list?  Check out my progress updates:

I went all out & was fairly ambitious with my list.  Most of it, I'm happy to report I accomplished & yes, it makes me feel good.  Mostly, though, I feel like this last 30 days helped 'recenter' me.  When I started this project, I was still a little emotionally adrift & had gone through a bit of a 'life-shift' due to a somewhat painful breakup the month before that really had significant effect on my social circle, some medical junk, work changes & the associated 'fall-out'/changes that come with each.  What I'm saying is that I needed, and was ready for, the challenge.  And boy, was it. 

Working through my bucket list, I learned some things.  A renewed focus on gratitude helped me renew my appreciation for 'the little things' and to give mental 'thanks' for all I've been blessed with throughout the day.  I have to say, it worked - this daily exercise has helped me enjoy life more.  And maybe this is odd, but if I can't find myself grateful for something in my life? I've been ditching it.  In the process of trying to repair some relationships I'd let lapse over the last year; I worked through the process of "Unfriending" (1)  - something that was a little bit different for me and got me thinking about troubled relationships (2) - from a 'profersonal' perspective. (3) Over the 4th, I ruminated on the perspective shift this exercise brought & my appreciation for those that really 'get it' when it comes to our responsibility to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness  &  FINALLY admitted that sometimes?  It's ok to admit you've got to give it up.  Those that know me well know just how hard that was for me to cop to -that's SO NOT my personality.

Not everything was a success... I tried my hand at vlogging to learn I've got a LOT of work to do in that area... and I'm likely never gonna be a newscaster. :p  I DID my squats, but after working out with my new trainer Jennifer yesterday?  I saw JUST how easy I took it on myself & now have NO delusions that I'm actually in any kind of good shape.  But, she'll fix that with me over the next couple months!  Had a lot of fun & was grateful working with various charity causes (4) but my goal of getting a blood drive organized in PV was pretty dashed.  Oh well.  Champagne Thursdays didn't quite work out- but started a Supper for Six dinner discussion social ... so, that's cool. :)

And that leads to what I think was the biggest #WIN for the first round of #TR30Days involvement:  relationships. Put my toes back into the dating waters & had good times with friends I've not been able to see enough of, expanding my social circle.  Good times.   I've met some AMAZING people & really formed some really cool relationships throughout this process.  They cheered me on & laughed with me.. we shared fun, frustration, and forged ahead together.  I've got some new role models and I'm unabashedly stating I'm excited at the thought of learning more from them as we continue this journey together.  Go TRIBE!  

TY @ty_sullivan, AMANDA @sexythinker, CHERIE @cherie28, BILL @culturedude, GINI @ginisays, JONI @luckypenny, Heather @HeatherEGraham, Belinda @BelindaK04, Jason @Seiden and others... THANK YOU.  You're an amazing group of people & I appreciate you all so much! :)  

So, that's it - long, I know; but like I said... it was a big list! :p  Looking forward to the next 30; but it's going to be a much more focused list - going to start on my birthday.. seems like a great time to start.  

(1) Part 2 Here
(2) Two more parts to this series:  "Here Without You" (snoozer) & "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" (better, I think)
(3) Want to learn more about 'profersonalism?'  I blogged about it, but Jason Seiden is really the brain-child behind this and his blog? Is greatness!  
(4) Not to mention the massive amounts of stuff I cleared out from my house.  Kinda sad when I look at how much more I have to go, though!


  1. Pfft...I knew you could do it! :-)One of the best parts of this process was the interaction with the others who took the challenge at the same time. You are right! A bond was formed and relationships created out of it. Best part is? I think we are all in this together moving forward.
    Oh darn! LOL

  2. Ty, I do so -know- you're a rockstar! :) Thanks for your faith in me & unwavering support!