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Saturday, June 18, 2011

GDE: Meeting Nick

Let me just say this:  Bliss?  Was really rather fun!  It was a fun experience; but I wouldn’t go so far to say it lived up to the name.  First of all, I get it’s a vegetarian restaurant; so, I wasn’t really shocked when there was no meat on the menu  (BD? You’d LOVE this place).  I WAS kind of taken aback when I found out that nothing is warmer than room temp – he kinda forgot to mention it’s a RAW restaurant.  There are few foods that I think really taste great tepid… they, however, disagree.

Anyway, the evening started out fairly well.  He was waiting just outside for me and you could see the “Please don’t be her” look in his eyes when there was a rather hefty woman with dark hair that poured out of her car 2 rows in front of me.  And you could see the relief in his eyes when I was the one that walked up and said “hi there!”  He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek (1) and inside we went.  You could tell he dined there regularly because he didn’t even look at the menu; he just ordered for both of us (2) and went right back to conversation.  Conversation, I had realized rather quickly, had him doing most of the talking and me doing little responding.  Forty-five minutes later, our meals came out.  He still had yet to ask me a single thing about me.

I’m thinking he must have been grateful for his entree’s arrival because it allowed him to take a breath.  I’ll concede mine literally took my breath away – although rather small, it was stunning in it’s arrangement.  Come to find out?  He ordered me a starter salad for my entree – I had the Chanterelle Stack Salad… he does get points for remembering that I love mango and avacado.  I totally got it when we had dessert, though – we had a Chocolate Bliss.

Evidently, the real reason people adore this place is not because of the dinner fare… it’s the “superfood elixers.”  Once again, Nick ordered for us – he chose this Chocolate Bliss thing that had vanilla agave and cocoa butter.  Holy Cow – symphony in my mouth!!!  This totally made up for the whole ‘order for me before I even get a chance to see the menu’ thing that he’d been doing all night.

After dinner, we were already on Greenville Avenue, so we went and had a beer at Blue Note – total departure from the uber health-nut vibe he’d been sending out all night.   I’m not a big beer drinker – but it was pretty awesome.  There’s a cool patio; like 50 something draft beers and a huge bottled selection.  He grabbed a pint for himself and a Fat Tire (3) for me and then the best part of the evening started.   Nick really chilled out and opened up.  More importantly, he realized that our evening had been horribly one-sided and so started asking me about myself.  Moreover, he actually paid attention and asked some really insightful questions… major bonus points.  I HATE when a guy asks me a question and then cuts me off while I’m answering it and trots off in a different direction.  It shows a complete lack of interest, really.  And who wants that??

When it was time to part company; he walked me back to my car.  Normally, I’d probably go barefoot because 5″ heels really start to hurt after a couple of hours.  When we got to my car, he toyed with my hair.  I’m totally an 18″ of personal space kind of girl and so I didn’t quite know what to do with that… but, before I could really make up my mind he dropped the lock and said goodnight.  Ok… comfort zone stablized and back home to Aubrey.

I was in Frisco before I realized he didn’t try to kiss me goodnight.  “But,” I rationalized, “maybe that’s a good thing… I don’t know yet where his mouth has been and his dinner?  Was Raw.”

(1) was cute
(2) so.hate.that
(3) it was the only beer I knew at the time :p

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