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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Some Saturday Randomness...

Just finished revamping a training for next week and am feeling a little like procrastinating before I get to the business of cleaning my house today. :p So, thought I'd put a few random thoughts down and address a couple emails here first... figured that might buy me some time! LOL

1. Q: The guy in the photo - is that really 'real?' Do you post all the pictures guys send you?
A: Yes, the guy is real and yes, it was sent to me last night. However, NO, I do not post all the pics guys send me - in fact, I can say I rarely post any and I make VERY sure that people can't identify the guys I write about when I do write about the inane dating/meeting people/relationship experiences. :p I think, if I didn't, I'd probably never date! LOL I DO try to make sure that I'm up front that I blog about dating and ask that if they don't want to be part of it? They let me know - outside of 'weiner-esque photos?' I try to respect that.

2. Q: Where do you find these guys?
A: They're pretty much everywhere. Look, once we pass over 30 - maybe before - we get significant baggage that we have to deal with. It's not really just relegated to guys; there's some whack job women out there, too. I have definitely done my share of stupid chick stuff in dating, I'm sure. A lot of them do seem to hang out on dating sites, though.

Ok, those were the 2 questions I got multiple times - so, thought I'd get that out there. Beyond that? Fun stuff! I really had a blast at the conference this week; there's so much that I need to look at and reassess and was pretty blown away by the brilliance in the rooms I was able to be in! There's some great things going on and even more coming in the social marketing & recruiting space & I'm looking forward to being there when it does! I have a TON of work to do, though...

Got the donation pick-up coordinated; I'm really excited about that, too - we've got over a dozen families involved so far! Furniture, clothes, home items, school supplies, toys, etc... all going to families in need in OK, LA, and AL. If you're wanting to get on board and live in the 380 corridor? Shoot me a message on fb or email me and we'll coordinate getting you in. Donation pick up is 6/24. This has been fun; I'm looking forward to doing more community outreach programs over the next few months as they present themselves.

So, I had an interesting time with a new guy recently... it was fun. Different - really different for me - but enjoyable just the same. Cool guy. Might not amount to anything more than that; but I had fun so I figure that means I'm probably ready to get back out there and just see what presents itself. It's been a month, I've processed whatever I need to and I'm good. :)

That's probably a good leader for segueing into the 30-day challenge. check it out: 30 day Personal Revolution- Lifestyle challenge. You can find it on twitter under #TR30day - I'm not going to blow the whole thing here - you SHOULD check out the website & see the movement on twitter... but basically? I'm in and if you want to join me (and a ton of people from #PRSCamp); love to have you! I know a lot of us are in sort of a season of change in our lives & personal improvement should be a continual thing. Here's the basics:

30 Day Lifestyle Challenge:

1. CREATE: Define what you want. Write a bucket list of the things you want to do in the next 30 days. Be specific and plan these items on your calendar. Keep the list simple and focused. Sometimes less is more.

2. SHARE: Post your list either on your blog or email it to us to post at 30days at talentrevolution.net. It’s important to share your list so others can support and hold you accountable to your goals.

3. SUPPORT: On Twitter follow the hashtag #TR30days to follow the community participating in the 30 day challenge. Post updates of your progress, reach out to the community when you need support. Follow others progress and support them. Pick an on or offline support partner who is also doing the challenge.

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