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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#TR30 "The Little Things"

I'm totally picking "The Little Things" for my gratitude moment for today. My whole day was really an exercise in appreciating the little things. Woke up JONESING for caffeine (1) but they'd burned it at the hotel. Fortunately, there was a soda machine in the office building @ work & Melissa had 75 cents so I could get a diet Coke. I've never been so grateful for quarters, coworkers, or Coca-Cola Industries. :p Yes, I am aware I'm an addict & forget the 12-step program; I'm okay with my chemical dependency to coffee.

Starbursts saved my day - still getting over losing my voice & every time it'd start to disappear? Those sugary squares saved me! :p

Oh, and the whipped mousse yogurt & the fact that they sell Spicy V8s at the convenience store in front of the hotel? Made my day. :p

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