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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A little bit of gratitude #TR30Days

Wrote this out last night but was just worn out so went to sleep before posting...

So, the topic I chose from the Encyclopedia of Gratitude today is "My Mother." And I really am grateful to have such a great Mom - she's watching my kiddos this week while I'm traveling & they're having a blast. Because she IS my Mom, she's "improving" things about the house - reorganizing and such. When I was younger, this drove me nuts. Now, I just see it for what it is: she wants to show she cares... so, I roll with it. :) Love you, Mom - hope you're having fun with the kids!

And from today:

In other news, started the #TR30days challenge yesterday. Absolutely did all of the daily requirements I had set for myself; and made progress on a couple of the 'big bullets' that are more project-based over the whole month as opposed to something I'm trying to create a daily behavior out of. Not a bad start! :) I'm not going to put each day's gratitude posting on FB/Twitter; I really plan on posting just the weekly updates. So, if you want to check it out then look for the #TR30day tags in the titles in my post archives. :)

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