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Saturday, June 18, 2011

GDE. Day2: The Night Before & Online Dating Sites

I’m excited… my Dating Experiment truly starts tomorrow.  I’ve decided not to wait to check my inbox on the various dating sites.  Also, can’t help but wonder… does being a member of all these different dating sites make me well-rounded or just desperate?  Online dating IS all the rage… right??  And besides, this is a social experiment… it’s not like I’m REALLY trying to find romance here.  (1) 

I’ve decided that in order to have a full week with each guy, I need to check my inboxes today so that I can start corresponding on the first day of that week.  Since the New Year starts on a Wed., this gives me a couple of days to correspond before each weekend.  So, I pop into all of my accounts.  There are over 23 messages between the 4 sites; but not one that really gets my meter running.  How is that possible, you ask?? My answer is:  Plenty of fish.

For anyone that has been on Plenty of Fish, that’s probably all the answer you need.  For anyone that hasn’t?  It’s the online equivalent of the night club Carsons, aka DFW’s local “meat market.”  There’s some truly interesting characters there and most of them haven’t been to finishing school.  Reading through their profiles was really somewhat depressing; quite frankly a lot of them sound like trash.  But, it’s a free dating site…  The ones that don’t?  I’m hoping will see that I’ve viewed their profile and email me because I’ve decided I’m not proactively asking ANYONE out.  If I really believe my ‘picker’ is broken; it makes sense to let them pick me.  For purposes of humor? Here’s my favorite email that I’ve received so far:

From:  BlackKnightKisses

I can tell you’re a woman who knows how to have a good time.  You just need the right guy to show it to you.  Let me shower you with kisses this new year.

From:  TheOneCrystal

Really?  I’m curious, how could you tell?  And, better yet, how do you plan on showing me a good time were we to go out?  What does that entail for you?  Oh, and what’s with the name?  (2)

From:  BlackKnightKisses

I made up the name from my two favorite activities:  chess and kissing.  Clever, no?  (3)  Your pictures just make it look like you have a lot of fun and I also know how to have a good time.  Seems like a good match.  I think this is how I’d show you a good time:  We’d start at Cadot, then enjoy some live music and great art at January’s Late Night at the DMA; have you been?  Finishing the night out with a good bottle of wine and a fire is really my idea of a perfect evening.  Interested?

From:  TheOneCrystal

I LOVE Late Nights!!!  That completely makes up for the cheesiness of your first email and yes, it was cheesy.    Actually, that sounds like a fantastic first date… so, January 15th we meet?  I’ve not heard of Cadot – have you been there?  By the way, what’s your name??  Mine’s pretty evident.

From:  BlackKnightKisses

Was it really cheesy?  I thought it was original… so no brownie points for me then.  At least not there. ; -)  My name is Michael and I work in HR for a local Energy company.  Why so long for a first date – I want to meet you now.  Tonight.  Start the new year out with me?

From:  TheOneCrystal

Easy, tiger.  What self respecting Dallasite wouldn’t already have plans for New Year’s?  The 15th is my first available weekend; I keep a pretty busy social calendar.   See ya then, Michael… my number is 2148xxxxx – call me on the 12th and we’ll get everything worked out.   Till then – C

So, Michael is going to be my ‘Week 3′ guy; but that doesn’t help me for week 1!  Here’s hoping something interesting would come in between now and when I get done watching the ball drop.  

(1) Right. Totally for educational, writing, and socio-scientific purposes only.

(2) Ok, so by the name you’d think this guy might be black, right?  No.  Nerdy looking white guy…. I’m guessing he plays chess; but there’s no reference to that on his profile.

(3) No.   But I totally called that. :p

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