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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Myspace Migration: It's Champagne Thursday

Current mood:energetic
Going to start this post early today, because I've been.so.sleepy.lately!!! I'm excited, today I get to "winter clean" my house. Ok, lest you think I'm some kind of freak, it's not so much that I enjoy the scrubbing of toilets and tubs, I don't - and that's not what I'm doing today, anyway... I like neat. And organized. And I don't feel neat nor organized when I step into my home lately. So, in about 10 minutes (after I throw on some jeans), I'm going to put Roxy in her little travel carrier, and we're going to get some Starbucks. When I get back, I'm throwing out everything that's in the garage. Because, seriously, I've taken it with me on every move since 2000 and I NEVER look at the stuff. I can't need it. It just sits around. So, I'm tossing it!

Then, I'm dealing with the toys. I got all the pre-Christmas toys organized last week, but now we need to find homes for all the new stuff. I want to put a lovesack in the loft and some throw pillows, so I need to find a home for the chairs that are up there. Maybe I'll call Salvation Army today. I've got a gazillion little girl clothes that need to be donated, too. I was going to do this all next week, but I just can't stand it anymore.. so... today. It begins today.

I need to get the yearbook done! My goal was to have it put together before the kids went back to school, but now I'll be happy if we can just get the kids arranged in all their classes.. I realized that we forgot to get the disk we need with all the activities pictures. Whoops!

I can't believe how struck I was by the fact that Gerald Ford died. I wasn't even alive when he was President. In other news, I was kind of cracking up at the fact that the Puget Sound has increased levels of vanilla and cinnamon from all our holiday baking. Check out this article, it was interesting: Holiday Baking Impacts Puget Sound

So, Roxy is really just quite adorable. The kids went over to a friend's to sleep over and she, of course, doesn't know that. She just knows they're not downstairs playing with her and she doesn't like it. So, she keeps going over to the stairs and barking once, then sits down. Waits. Nothing. Comes back to me and leads me to the stairs where she repeats the process. It's soooo cute! She has been a great dog. I'm glad we have her. I hope she's glad we have her after she gets fixed next week!
I purchased some stuff for a fun Champagne Thursday twist: cranberry juice and rasberries to augment the Champagne. It's yumminess! But, it reminds me that New Years is coming up quick... I need to get my plans firmed up! Oh yeah, that reminds me, Bev, please call!! :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Myspace Migration: And the Countdown Begins

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We're now officially one week away from Christmas. Which is totally fine by me because I've been done with the shopping aspect of Christmas for aeons. Now wrapping is another story - still lots of that to do. I used to love wrapping - was very meticulous... perfectly wrapped presents with straight creases, no showing tape, perfect bows and present toppers. Now, I'm all about bags. LOL

Had a fun weekend with Bev and my girls. Friday night Bev and I hung out with some rather ... interesting... people and at the very least, it was an experience. An experience where I ended up with some very questionable DVDs in my backseat, and a pool stick from some bar. We've decided they're bad influences, lol... Saturday night we went to the TSO concert. It was very cool; it was the girls' first concert, to boot! Bev, I've got that copy for you - remind me to get it to you next time I see you! I've decided Bev is definitely among my favorite people. I really enjoyed my munchkin time this weekend. I'm going to miss them when they go to their Dad's this week.

Today we're seeing Santa after school/work. This is going to be a light work week for me. I'm taking a half-day Wed., I'm taking Thursday off and Friday is still undecided. Fortunately, it's easier to do at the end of the year.

Ok, so I kind of ranted about this in a bulletin, but seriously, passive-aggressive people drive me bonkers. Say what you mean, mean what you say and don't lead people along by the nose. Now, lest you think I'm talking about a guy, I'm not. I'm actually talking about a girlfriend of mine (though I have definitely known [and still do] guys who would fit the "passive-aggressive" mold). I watch her do/not do all kinds of things while staunchly waving the BS banner of "I don't want to hurt their feelings." Riiiight. Because it will hurt so much LESS when they come to realize that you've seen them for AGES past when you knew you didn't really have feelings for them. THAT won't seem like using them AT ALL. Look, I understand really not wanting to hurt someone else - but there comes a point where you're no longer thinking about how THAT person feels and you're really more focused on how the act of being straight will make YOU feel and what reprocussions it will have for YOU. That's not cool.

I also realize I tend to be on the other end of the spectrum. I know I, more often than not, will take the truth and use it like a spear. But, hey, I'm being honest, right?? Hmm... anyway, so I get that there's a balance. If you have to choose between the two, though; I still think being brutally honest is far better than "sparing someone." I've just seen very few instances where the person that really was being spared was NOT the person that was getting (more or less) lied to - it was the person doing the "sparing." Seems cowardly to me.
Ok. Must get ready for work

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Myspace Migration: Adventures in Wierdness

Current mood:weird
Ok, so it's just kind of been a wierd. Yesterday was a wierd kind of day. First of all, I'm on some wierd sugar kick - typically, not so much into sweet stuff. Lately, I've been all about chocolate... what the heck is wrong with me?? I had to get handmade marshmallows from the bakery next door to our neighborhood so we could have REAL hot chocolate (made by my Tassimo, so not sure how that fits in with the whole 'homemade' thing) and marshmallows. I don't even really like hot chocolate and marshmallows! LOL

And I guess, because I've been working a lot and still kind of getting over being sick, I've been knocking out early. Which is disappointing, because I would have liked to have visited with my brother more than what I've been able to. But, anyway, all I've done is work and sleep for the past week. No insanely late hours singing, blogging, visiting with friends or what have you. So, last night at 1:30, this guy I've gone out with a sum total of once calls me ... total drunk dial. And what do you say to that? "Hey dude, it's Thursday, I'm sleeping and your drunk - call me when it's daylight and you're sober??" Anyway, he went on some wierd kick about how he only needed to be crazy for a little while and he was crazy about me but he only needed to be crazy... anyway, I mouthed off something half-awake about needing to hire a security guard and went back to sleep. He called AGAIN! This time, I turned off the phone. Geesh. It's not even Friday....

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Myspace Migration: Perspectives

Current mood:amused
I was struck today by how different perspectives can be, and both still be right. Not a bad thing - there really is no right or wrong on this - but just different. A friend of mine went out of town today - and I texted this morning asking if they needed a ride to the airport (and from, obviously). Seemed a completely natural thing to ask - to him, it seemed like a completely natural thing NOT to.
His thought? I'm busy, I have a life and a bunch of responsbilities and would probably be too busy - didn't occur to him to ask, probably didn't want to impose. That's actually rather considerate of him.

My thought? Yeah, I'm busy - but that's just what you DO, especially for people you know well or care for. Growing up, we always took friends and neighbors to the airport. A lot of it, I think, was that my parents and their friends were far too frugal to spend $6-$15 per day to have their car stowed away at the airport or at off-site parking. The other part? It's just nice to have someone waiting for you with their car at the doors when you step out of the airport and to just sit back and relax while they taxi you home. Plus, if they're friends or you're close, it's great to be able to see them off and welcome them home! And I guess, because I've always DONE it - it doesn't seem like an imposition to me at all.

Neither one of us are right nor wrong - or rather, I think perhaps we're both right. It's just different perspectives and today, that just struck me funny...
You know what else strikes me funny? This dry cleaner operator thinking they'd make a fabulous Vice President of Property Management. I may make this train of thought into it's own blog later, because Oh.My.Gawd! it's rediculous.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Myspace Migration: Why Did I Do a Monster Posting?!?!?!

Current mood:aggravated
I know better. Seriously, I do. You place an ad for a position and here's what happens. You get every yahoo on the planet that's NOT qualified for the position applying and maybe you get one or two qualified candidates. The other thousand? Laugh material? Irritants? Grrr....

I really feel for people looking for a job. Especially the ones who are unemployed, because there's an aspect of desperation that is just kind of sad. But it doesn't change the fact that at the end of the day, when I'm reading about all your fabulous experience as a GAP Manager when I'm looking for a specific, technical Vice-President who needs about a decade of RELEVANT experience... it doesn't change the fact that I'm going to want to Wring.Your.Neck.For.Wasting.My.Time. Because, seriously, people are not going to hire you for something you're NOT qualified to do. Just doesn't happen that way.

*Sigh* I feel better now. I should go find coffee. Is it wrong that at 9am, I already need a nap??

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Myspace Migration: Weekend Follies

Current mood:chipper
So, the majority of this weekend was spent recouperating my illness of this week. Wow. I was seriously hit with the mother of all head colds! I still have congestion, but I don't feel sick anymore. Which is good, because next week I have the mother of all work weeks! :)

I got the girls the dog for Christmas. We now own a little mop named Roxy (she was already named before we got her). She's 7.4 pounds of incorrectly cut hair, but she's very sweet. She has barked a sum total of once - at me - when I made her go to bed for the night. Once she gave in, though, she was very good and let me sleep until 7am. Which I needed. So, this morning she's getting used to the house and is currently sitting on my lap as I type this. I took her for a walk (in the hopes I could get her to poo - she peed in my backyard, but she won't do the other) - that was fun. Got her little jacket on (the light one, it's not too cold) and her little leash and off we went. To find that this dog hasn't really done walks. I have a little, untrained mop on my hands. But she's cute and we'll keep her.
In other news, I had dinner with Bev at Friday's after I got the puppy. She stayed roasty warm and napped (I wore her out at Petsmart) while I.Got.Carded! Seriously, barring not being able to get in one time at Sherlocks when I had forgotten my license; I never get carded. Looking underage is not something I suffer from. But, Bev being the genius she is, ordered a double shot of vodka and I ordered a cranberry juice and I was in business. LOL We ate SO badly to celebrate her starting on her diet today...

I'm hoping the dog will let me get this house clean - I think I've got company coming over this evening. I'm going to see Holiday with Jackie while Roxy gets groomed this morning. Then I'm catching up on some work this afternoon. My life is just so thrilling! :)

Myspace Migration: And A Very Merry To You!

Current mood:calm
The girls loved Roxy. Seriously, I can't blame them. She's an adorable dog. Right now, she's in bed. Hopefully, she's cool being there even though I'm not. Between the girls getting their big Holiday gift and wrapping presents this afternoon, I'm very much in the holiday spirit.

I'm not big on getting gifts. They make me feel odd, most of the time - like a gangly teen that hasn't quite grown into their limbs. Over the years, I've learned to appropriately deal with them, but I still enjoy giving them far more than getting them. There's no real rhyme or reason with my gift-giving, either. Oh, to be sure there are the obligatory gifts that are always purchased - for parents, siblings, Grandma and the like. There are my children's gifts, which I can't wait to purchase each year (I L-O-V-E kid toys), and then there are the other gifts. Some friends, it goes without saying that I'll get them something - there will always be something under Jackie's tree, for example. But most of the time, whether or not I get someone something is dependent on whether or not something struck me.

Example: I wrapped a gift for someone this evening that I knew I was going to purchase months ago. The only thing that would preclude them from getting their gift would be them not being in my life anymore. I knew what I wanted to purchase them, I wanted them to have it, and so they will. However, there are a couple of other people I'm fond of, but nothing has really stood out at me (nor come to mind) to get them. So, I'd be purchasing something just for the sake of purchasing it and that doesn't seem very cool to me. Is that odd??

On another note, a girlfriend and I were talking about relationships this evening. Every relationship you're in is either moving forward or moving backwards. However, because they are organic states of being, they can't sit still - they stagnate, thus receding (moving backwards). Interesting theory. How does that work in practical application, I wondered? How does that apply to my own dating life? How slow of a pace can you take and still be "moving forward??" I don't really have an answer to this, but I don't wholly disagree. I think at some point, you're sharing space and time more than you're sharing a relationship. The example that comes to mind is I dated a really great guy over the summer. Truly, might be one of the better men I've met in the last few years. We went out several times; but, we never really achieved any real intimacy... I never really felt like I knew him the way you know someone you're in a relationship with. So, though there was time, there was no moving forward. At least, not that I could see.

And then there are those that you'd like to move forward with, but don't know how. What signs do you give? Who gives them? That's the trouble with being a chick - I never know if I'm supposed to sit back and go with the flow or be agressive - it's not like business. Oh well, I'll figure it out or I won't...life will go on quite merrily either way.

By the way, Brokeback Mountain is depressing. Beyond the fact that it was hard to engage in a story about gay cowboys,it was just REALLY sad. For every character in it. Except for maybe the grocery store guy that ended up being Alma's second husband. He seemed to fare pretty well. I'm tired. Time for bed. And I have a ton of candles to blow out still. Night ya'll. :)

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Myspace Migration: Puppies, Pampered Princess, & Pain

Current mood:sick
Not sure if there will be a Champagne Thursday tonight. Still sooooooo under the weather. I have purchased a small pharmacy's worth of medication and am hoping that'll help. Right now, all the fluid in my head is on the left side and the pressure is making me see spots in my left eye. Can you say 'No Bueno?' It's causing a little bit of pain. Thank goodness for the Pampered Princess routine!
The Pampered Princess routine is something I came up with several years ago to mitigate stress and take some time for myself - juggling a screwed-up marriage, children, school, and work was kind of all-consuming. The name is kind of a joke, because at first I felt guilty for spending thirty minutes just on me. But, over time, I got over it and the name stuck. It's 30 minutes of taking a quick shower (you shouldn't bathe dirty, it's not good) so you can pop on a facial scrub/masque and then just chill in the tub for 15 minutes. No thinking about stuff, no working on issues - just me, hot water, a million bubbles, a bunch of candles and some music. It was awesome. I carried on that ritual after the divorce because it really was good for me. My way of meditating, I suppose. :p In fact, I did it daily up until about a month ago.

Interestingly enough (at least to me) that was when my stress level started increasing. Think there's a correlation?? LOL I didn't even notice I had stopped doing it. But, with being sick, it's what sounded good - spending my conscious kid-free time alternating between the shower and the tub (when you're sick, get some shower soothers, they rock and Tea and Sympathy bath bombs from Lush are de-vine). And that's when I realized it really had been awhile since the Pampered Princess routine had been routine. I'm instituting it again; because although I feel like crud, I am oddly at peace. :)

PTA General Meeting tonight and I've got to talk about the yearbook. Fun, fun. Tried to get out of it because I'm sick and I feel like crud - but, I was told the agenda has already been printed and my name's on it. So, I'll shlub up there, I guess. Shouldn't take more than 2 minutes to say what I need to say, anyway. LINDSEY'S FIRST CHOIR CONCERT IS TONIGHT!!! :) :) :) :) I'm so excited for her.
Sooooo... the kids want a puppy. I've gone back and forth on this. I want one for them (and me), too - but.. it's a pretty big commitment. I had pretty much decided this wasn't the right time .. and then Roxy showed up. We have the opportunity to purchase a Shih-Tsu who's been VERY well taken care of for a fraction of what we should pay for her. With all her stuff, toys, bed, crate, medication.. and so on. Good deal, they don't shed, and she's already crate trained. *Sigh* I'm going to see her Saturday. It WOULD be a kick-butt Christmas present for the kids.

I'll write more later if I end up doing Champagne Thursday (which, given the fact that I'm on meds is probably NOT a good idea)...