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Monday, June 6, 2011

I Am a Good Girl

I love that song . Not as thrilled about the video as it still seems somewhat risqué to me; but I guess burlesque was supposed to be, right? And THAT? Is TAME by today's standards for tantalization. Where the clothing & gestures in that video would have been enough to make most ladies blush 40 or 50 years ago; today? They do more than that in cheerleading; wearing just about as much in some cases. :p Nowadays? I wonder how many men would actually even bat an eyebrow at it; or if the 'pink palace' that is the Men's club overshadowed this long ago.

Which leads me to Reese Witherspoon.

I know, I know, seems like a rather random connection; but really, it's not. Last night (I think it's still last night, anyway) Reese Witherspoon won the MTv Generation Award & talked about how you essentially? It's ok to be a good girl... No. More than that, really. It's GOOD to be a Good Girl... cool, even. You know what I have to say to that?? AMEN; and it's past time to spread it beyond the walls of Hollywood. Check it out: Reese Witherspoon Accepts the Generation Award

Right on, Reese. Bringing this to a relationship/dating level? I think that "I Am A Good Girl" mantra needs to make a comeback there, too. It's been within MY 'dating lifetime' that it seems like we've gone to a 'no holds barred' mentality when it comes to sex, manners, (1) and dating. Fifteen years ago, when I started dating in high school, it was still very much socially unacceptable to discuss your 'sex life' (2) in public. It was sensational news just to report what celebrity was dating whom- sexy photos? Still Taboo. Today? We can read in practically "real-time" who's having sex with who (3), what Blake Lively (4) is "sexting" and who's 'tweeting' their bulging underpants now.

Ok, seriously... What the heck, people?!

When did the scales of morality shift?? At what point did we wake up and say, "You know, I know how to impress the opposite sex... I'm going to send PICTURES of my unmentionables - or me without them - via cell or internet. Forget that there's really NO privacy anymore; they'll be so impressed at my moxy! THAT's going to win me my guy/girl..." Am I wrong for thinking this is deluded, at best?? I know I'd never want to take a guy home to my parents who has photos of his pecker could be found online (5) & I wouldn't want a guy that would be geeked up about sending stuff like that out, either.

And then there's just general dating conversation etiquette that seems to have just gone a little awry. I mentioned in an earlier blog post that it's just a little uncouth when people of the opposite sex that you don't know and haven't met get all 'sexty' with you. Maybe I'm old-fashioned; but it smacks a little of less-than-stellar intentions... at the very least, it's likely to land a guy either IN the "creepy/weird" category or really close to it. Some guys have said that they are trying to compliment the object of their -ahem- intentions... but most women I know (6) don't see it that way. We WANT the guy that's intrigued enough in us that they want to be flirty... but, has a genuine liking that's strong enough to establish some comfort and level of trust in who you are and what you are to us before jumping into that.

(1) read= lack thereof
(2) if you had one, which I did NOT but that was not the point
(3) Jennifer Aniston Reference: Jezebel website reporting on US Magazine Article
(4) Had no idea who she was before that; had to google her to find out she's an actress that stars on one of Lindsey's teeny-bopper shows
(5) Or even photos of him in his unmentionables, a la Weiner
(6) Myself definitely included

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