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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just (Say It) Do It

Inspired by my Facebook Friends “Fit Chick In The City” – love them!
So, maybe I’ve fallen down on my workouts a little.  Or a lot; you know, it’s open to interpretation.  ;)  But, if I’m honest?  It’s just one area of many that took a backseat to work lately.  In an effort to regain ‘lifestyle Feng Shui’  - I’m taking #TR30Days to a ‘micro’ level.  We’re busting out one week.  That’s it.  Just one focus:  My health.....
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The Roller Coaster Series: Intro

Yesterday I went back to our local amusement park, Six Flags, with my two girls.  Growing up, I loved roller coasters; I remember riding the ShockWave with one of my favorite Aunts over and over again. (1)  It’s a double-loop roller coaster and it was the coolest thing since sliced-bread growing up.  Amazing speeds, quick adrenaline rush, careless fun – pure enjoyment. Couldn’t get enough of it… I didn’t even mind the lines.
Time does what it’s supposed to… it marched on.  I grew up, had children, entered the ‘working world of the responsible’ and became  aware of things like value of time, risk & the comfort of control.  I vowed to stay off motorcycles and would unnecessarily worry about the relative safety of roller coasters. After all, did you hear that story about the kid on the roller coaster who dropped the quarter… I could still have fun at the park; but it was measured, deliberate.. it wasn’t the same....

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Be Your Own Recruiter pt 2: Creating Your Personal Value Proposition

Part 2 of 8 in the “Unemployed? Be Your Own Recruiter” Series -

Let’s start with a quick, one sentence recap from the last article in the series: “If you’re unemployed; it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take the lead & market (aka: sell) yourself.” That’s the recap… now that we’re caught up, let me say that you don’t have to do it alone; but you should think of yourself as the “Program Manager” for this program of finding a new job. Every aspect should be run by you: Product (you, your resume), Finance (the #s: what you make/need to/want to), Target Market (companies you’re going to be sent to/apply with), and how you’ll be Marketed. Which starts with your Value Proposition.

When you’re engaged in an active job search; it’s important to show potential employers why they should hire you. Of course, one could easily argue that part of success in life – period – is understanding your own personal value & being able to share it. The first step to sharing it is to create what’s called a “Personal Value Proposition” or PVP. Essentially, your PVP is the foundation of your Personal Brand Story – it communicates what others find valuable in you. (1) So, in order to create a successful PVP; you have to be specific & clear on the value you have to offer.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The “Momsters” & Balancing the Parenting Juggling Act

I’m pretty sure I would have made a really rockin’ Momster.  For anyone whose not familiar, it’s the Parenting Version of Bridezilla; but instead of being a complete hot mess?  The “Momster” is perfect in her bitchiness.  It’s not just her attitude that says, “I’m better than you” – it’s her actions.. her perfect baked goods… her complete dedication to working towards negative numbered clothing sizes… She throws the best dinner parties, is in every committee possible in the PTA/Junior League and shealways beats you in tennis.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Reason #1692 We Now Know #Imadork

Not that I was actually ever under the delusion that I’m not; but if I were, I’ve now got further proof that I am!  Since it’s funny and ties into my work-life balance theme this week?  I thought I’d share it with you.
In my effort to rule the world, (1) or at least balance what I’ve got going on in it?  I try to keep pretty tight organization on my relationships.  A lot of this I do with spreadsheets and yes, I know that causes a huge uptick in my #imadork status.  I’ve got spreadsheets to keep up with all my friends, FB Friends, Network – simple stuff like:
  • Name, rank, serial #-type information
  • contact info
  • birthday
  • family status
  • their birthdays, if I know them
  • Employer
  • Profession
  • Interests
I use that information to keep up w/my Community.  Whatever – it works… most of the time. 
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

"I Don't Know How She Does It" ... aka: Life's a Trade-Off

Can I just say I'm a huge Sarah Jessica Parker fan?  Well, I am and have been since she broke loose in "Footloose."  Actually, that's not totally true; I wasn't old enough to see "Footloose" when it came out; so I fell in love with her when I saw it later on.  Whatever, I'm sure that counts.  She didn't disappoint yet again in her new movie, "I Don't Know How She Does It.." and honestly?  Neither did the movie.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjQIv1KI59s&w=560&h=315]

I went to the movie today feeling a little guilty, a little concerned and wholly stressed-out.  You see, I really identify with Kate (1) in that I - along with what I'm sure is many other women - totally trade "The List" for sleep.  I sometimes:
  • trade school volleyball games for work,
  • trade work for Doctor's appointments,
  • trade my social life for reports;
  • trade dating for networking/functions and
  • interchangeably trade lists and my sanity.
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Next up to be published?  Momsters and quite possibly "Letter to my Ex"

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Facebook got me fired... Again?! Debunking 3 #SoMe #HR Myths

Social Media & Employment... How's it still 'All the Rage?' Because we're not addressing it, people.
In the last few weeks, I’ve read a number of news articles and blogs talking about “how [someone] was fired for Facebook.”  I’m not going to lie, it’s somewhat surprising that this is actually news to anyone.  Social Media?  Is not new… but, I guess the continual growth of end-users makes it new for someone and many companies, are still grappling with how to deal with it.  Care to take a guess at how many companies globally do not have a social media policy in place for their workforce?  No?  It’s actually a shocking 85%.  That’s shocking when you link that stat to these:
  • 22% of Fortune 500 companies have an active, public-facing blog
  • Over 30% of businesses globally utilize social media in their marketing
  • Approximately 45% of companies actually use social media to help screen hires
  • Approximately 57.5% of the population with internet access (approx. 1 out of every 13 people on the planet) have a social media profile
  • 93% of B2B Marketers are engaged in some form of social media marketing
  • As of April 2011, there are more social networking site accounts than there are people on the planet (over 10 Billion).