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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Six Feet Isn't Deep Enough...

Quick post before I'm off for my lunch workout:

I work from home & while there is much I do enjoy about it? It's just me in a 2500 sqf house & that gets REALLY quiet (1). So, in the morning, I tend to work at my downstairs office set-up and have the Morning News/Talk programs on in the background. I've picked up a couple of interesting tidbits while working; but today I had to do a double-take when I heard "wedding ring" and "Six Feet Isn't Deep Enough." They were talking? About Wedding Ring Coffins. Yup, that's right... they're suggesting that you bury your wedding ring. For $40, they'll send you a little mahogany coffin with a ring holder & a gold plaque that you can customize to say pretty much whatever you need to... within 60 characters, of course. (2) My favorite was "Six Feet Isn't Deep Enough."

Not going to lie, I think this is kind of dorky. More specifically, I think it's financially capitalizing on people's pain which pretty much blows. Would you throw a funeral for your divorce?? On their website they tout this as part of a "Divorce Party" - basically saying that the ending of a significant relationship - such as a marriage - deserves some sort of CELEBRATION. Not really the word I'd choose, even for those of us that are happily divorced. :) Celebration refers to a 'joyous occasion' by it's very definition. Divorce, even when it's the 'right' move to make? Is kinda sad... somber, at least.... right? I know my relationship was over LONG before we actually went through the legalities; but I still don't remember throwing a shindig as part of the package. I WAS relieved that it was finally over & handled; so, I guess I did have drinks with my friends.

Come to think of it, that's kind of the standard M.O. at the end of most of my relationships. Normally, I'm pretty well disconnected by the time I'm ending things; so, it's been a 'next' sort of dinner/drinks with the gals & we laugh about the absurdities of dating. When I was crushed, it was lots o' wine & weeping with a couple of my favorite girlfriends... the ones that know you're a total mess, but love you anyway. We talked about the good stuff, we talked about the bad.. but we talked through it & they let me know I was still lovable or agreed that I was right to walk away for reasons a,b,c.... (3) And I've done it for my friends - it's just kind of the drill, I guess... but I definitely wouldn't call it a party & sure wouldn't send invites!

At the end of the day, I guess it's about processing closure. And that's a good thing... I suspect, though; much like an actual funeral - the burying of the 'body' or 'ring' is just the start of the healing process & there's probably a lot more that needs to happen before you truly achieve emotional closure. I'd actually hazard to guess a lot of us out there never DO get to a place where we've really sorted through our emotional baggage - which is why so many of us carry steamer trunks into our next relationships. Maybe more on that later - but for now? TREADMILL! :)

(1) Given that today is my kiddos' last day of school? I'm guessing this won't be the case much longer. :p
(2) Hmm.... would I have had 60 characters of things I'd want to say? LOL When do I not??
(3) Depending on the relationship

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