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Saturday, June 18, 2011

GDE. Week One: We Meet Again

I had been home for exactly 45 minutes when Nick called me.  Which would have made it 15 minutes shy of 2AM.  I attributed the insanely late night call to wanting to ensure that I had made it home safely and thus, didn’t hold it against him.  He asked what I was doing and I told him I was getting ready for bed.  When he asked if I was in my nightclothes?  And I called him a doofus and told him I’d talk to him in the morning.  Just before I hung up, he asked if he could see me again on Friday.  I told him that could be arranged and we made plans to go ice skating.

Anyone who knows me?  Knows that I’m a ridiculous klutz.  Think… insurance hazard.  I totally am.  I broke my foot and ankle walking down a level driveway to my car one afternoon… in flats.  So, watching me ice skate is a total trip.  But, I had told Nick that I had been taking lessons and so he wanted to see me in action.  (1)

We went to the Star Center in Plano.  While a much smaller rink than the Frisco Star Center; it’s also much less populated and so there’s a smaller audience to see me fall flat on my keister.  This is a win for everyone in my book.  Nick?  Is an excellent skater.  He was skating backwards, at first grinning at me and then pulling me along as I was losing balance on the ice.  Finally, determined to show him that I WAS actually capable of skating at an 8-yr. old level; I popped in my headphones and skated up ahead of him to show him how I could take the turns leaning in without slowing down.  So…. to the tune of “Don’t Tread on Me?”  I smacked face-first into the wall and fell backwards onto a toddler. 

Grace Kelly?  I am not.

Laughing his butt off?? He totally was. 

I’m not sure I’m going out with him again.  And I’m also not sure on who’s call that decision will be made.  But, I do know that my entire body is going to need to be iced for a good, long while.  And I shouldn’t tell my insurance company that I was at the rink when they determine I broke every bone in my body… because I really think I might have.

(1) By the way, I never progressed past level 1… never could figure out how to skate backwards; my ankles kept turning in.  I figure this was ok because really?  My center of gravity (read: my big booty) would never be able to do all those quick turns, axles and jumps… :p

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