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Saturday, June 18, 2011

GDE - And So it Begins...

Book blogging- migrating it over so I can keep focus in one place. They'll all have "GDE" in the title.

Day 1: And So It Begins…

I am 32 years old.  I’ve had “boyfriends” of one sort or another since I was 6 years old – also, coincidentally, when I had my first kiss.  And it was a ‘real’ kiss because I had completely crushed on the little boy that shared the experience with me; and was grounded for three weeks when I was busted by my Aunt.  (1)  And every single one of them was wrong, wrong, wrong for me.  Perhaps the most fantastic example would be my ex-husband…. but, that’s kind of a given or he wouldn’t be my ex-, right?  Right.

Anyway, my ‘picker?’  Is broken.  I end up with the same guy over and over and over again – somewhat handsome, charming, moderately-to very-successful, funny with wit to spare…. and completely self-absorbed, selfish, and more into me for what I can do for them rather than with them.   Can’t imagine why that’s not attractive to me (2) - but, I’ve only myself to blame as I’m the one that picked them.  My best friend, A, tells me that all men are like this… but, I can’t believe that because I know some REALLY great guys.. they’re just married.  So, unless men become better AFTER they’re married?  I’m led to believe that I just need to widen my dating pool – step outside of my normal meeting places and comfort zones and see what else is out there.  Which is how we got to where we are now:  The Great Date Experiment.

The rules are simple:  I’m going to talk to and go out with a different guy, every week, for one year.  That’s 52 men and at least 52 dates.  No long-term strings, no worrying about what the future holds.  Which means I’m free to just really observe men in their natural dating patterns and enjoy experiencing some of Dallas/Fort-Worth‘s entertainment/eats.  Oh yeah, one other rule:  Don’t tell them what I’m doing.  (3)

Step 1:  To widen the dating pool, it’s time to pull out all the stops… sign up for dating sites, inform girlfriends I’m available for set-ups, and join some sort of singles group off-line.  Maybe even the singles group at Church?   This took about a week to accomplish.  The dating sites alone took an entire weekend; but, this is something I can now check off the list.

Dating Sites:  Set up profiles and joined E-Harmony, Match.com, Plenty of Fish, JWed
Offline:  Told A, KW, and BD that it was time to set me up. 
Joined the singles group at a local church  and at the Temple I attend (4)
I feel accomplished:  and now that I’m set up and it’s nearly New Year’s?  The 52 weeks of fun is about ready to begin.  Wish me luck!

(1) In true 6-yr-old fashion, we thought it’d be “safe & secret” if we kissed under the water whilst in my Aunt Joy’s pool.  Yeah, not so much….

(2) can you hear the sarcasm?  Because I’m so throwing it out there.

(3) About writing the book, I mean. Be TOTALLY up front about everything else.

(4) Couldn’t bring myself to date at my own church – I’m there for God, not a hook-up.

About crystalswritingproject
Seriously, it just shouldn't be this hard to find the right relationship. But, after 32 years of completely screwed up and flaming, fantastic dating distasters? I've decided it's time to diversify.... and try something new. Thus, the Great Dating Experiment. For 52 weeks, I'm going to try to go out with a different guy every week and get to know what's out there. No long-terms, no strings - just a social experiment to see how different guys really are from one another when it comes to dating.

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