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Saturday, June 18, 2011

GDE. Week Three: Michael

So, my first pick from New Year’s Eve is up at bat: week three is upon us and my date with Michael is rapidly approaching. Have to admit, I really think he’s got potential… which is kind of a shame as he’s only going to last a week. It’s way too early in the experiment to break the formula. One Guy: One Week… but, if he’s awesome? I’ll look him up again in a year or so. Here’s his profile:

About Me
Hello There. I am a fairly simple man looking for whatever God, Fate, Karma, or whatever the hell you want to call it decides to give me. My greatest passion is always my three children who I have full-time. After that, the woman i am with…next to that is history (I am a history major). I love to spoil the woman I am with but love and expect just as much devotion in return. I’m a former investment banker that turned HR by trade and so am still a fairly frugal person.

First Date
Whatever would be done on the first date I am sure of one thing…you would be swept off your feet

We are going to the DMA on Friday. Turns out, Michael’s a full-time Dad of three rambunctious kids ~ all under the age of 6. Wow. I’ve done the party of 5 thing with a previous LTR; and to say it’s a handful is an understatement. My Grandmother had 5 children of her own and I just don’t know how she did it without pulling her hair out or chemical aid. Even when they’re all being angels (1) it’s a pretty time-consuming event. Finding time for the relationship became a really difficult balancing act and since we were both pretty involved parents? We had a hard time staying on that tight-rope. And I don’t care who says something to the contrary; intimacy? IS important in relationships and we had practically zero time for it between baby dolls, baseball bats, horseback riding lessons and homework. Which ultimately led to him pawing his visiting high-school sweetheart, his Mother’s coffee buddy, and then some random grocery store chick. Which was also ultimately what led me to say, “See ya.” Anyway, back on point…

If I were actually trying to date Michael long-term? I think the kids would be an issue... because he does NOT have help from their Mom; she split like a year or two ago, evidently. But, as he’s really just a week; it’ll be interesting to see how full-time fatherhood meshes with my primary parenting of the girls. Since we’re going to be walking around the DMA; I’m thinking jeans, my off-shoulder, long black angora sweater and my peep-toe Louboutins. A little flash of red under a high, high heel is a very good way to start a night out…. don’t you think?? Wish me luck!

(1) Which is Rare.

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