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Friday, September 15, 2006

Myspace Migration: What's Up With All These Commercials???

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Ok, I have 5 minutes to kill whilst my jacket is getting dewrinkled (I LOVE MY DRYER, I hate ironing and now I don't have to, lol)... What is going on with TV commericals today? While I was getting ready this morning, I heard a commerical for birth control that was in rhyme. I kid you not, this chick was delivering prose about birth control. Good Lord. That does beat the one with the chicks sitting around a bar talking about it - I know that's what I do with my girlfriends, and it totally made me want to use that brand until I heard the poetry birth control spot - now I'm asking for THAT (and just in case anyone reading this doesn't know me, I'm kidding). The other commercial that really got me this morning - I was giggling - is the commerical for some fat-burning/weight loss pill that is for people who "seriously need to lose weight." So, those of you who are just "playing around with it" - this drug is not for you. Seriously.

The thing is, these commercials aren't just thrown against the wall to see what sticks. There is actually a lot of research and testing that goes into these. They even have people come in for test-runs to get feedback. Who are those people and why did they not say, "This is the stupidest freaking thing I have EVER heard - do you realize you're actually insulting the audience you're trying to target??"
Ok, 5 minutes is up - more later.

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