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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Myspace Migration: I'm Sorry, You Have to Die Now

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That was the quote that explained me on the Briggs-Myers test. I'm an ENTJ ~ Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging. So, I'm a "Field Marshall." I'm outspoken, can read into people, like to learn, base my decisions on logic and cause/effect, and assume leadership readily. My Dad, incidentally, is an INTJ - which is probably why we get along so well.

Some days I can see that more than others. Today, I saw it. I don't know if I just lack in the empathy department, or what.. but sometimes, I swear, it's SO hard to muster up feeling for stupid people. Or people who make TRULY stupid choices and then want you to feel sorry for their consequences. This candidate today, I wanted to feel sorry for him, but I just couldn't. He had literally had 8 jobs in 10 years - how can you NOT realize that's a dumb move? Now, he's upset because noone wants to hire him - but, why would they? He's really only shown that come a year or two from now, he's going to flush all their training dollars down the tube when he gets a bigger and better offer elsewhere.

It's true in kids, too. By the way, kids can be mean little buggers. I kind of wish I could muster up more feeling for the kiddos when they're snotty, but I can't. My kids were sitting outside and this neighbor's friend's kid starting bullying my daughter - which caused the kid next door (who, while he can be nice, has a 'tude) to join in. So, being the Mommy Lion that I am - I jump outside and put a QUICK stop to that ... by telling them to a) get off my porch if they're going to be rude and b) would the cute little girl NOT being mean to my kids and my girls like to come inside and have Dibs and popcorn?? Was cracking up when the two little kids who were being hooligans were upset that they weren't invited... I simply said, "Start being nice to my kid and then you can come next time. But you're NOT going to be rewarded for bad behavior. Bye now." I didn't feel sorry for them for being left out - I was irritated that I had to leave them out, truth be known. Why can't they all just get along?!

I really don't remember being cruel to anyone growing up. I might have been - maybe I'm glossing over my memories. However, I remember feeling like it wasn't really fair to treat anyone any better/worse than anyone else - that we were all pretty much the same: kids. Just trying to figure things out. Well, there was this ONE day in 5th grade where I wasn't very nice to Jason Burgett - but, I think he got even over the next three years! Man, we fought .. lol He's a good guy, though - I knew it then, and I know it now (his wife, by the by, is adorable). Other than that, I have no memories of being mean. So, I have a really hard time understanding when other children are - and I DO NOT tolerate it with my own. They know that, and they are (for the most part) very nice to each other and they're ALWAYS nice to other kids. I just think that's the way the world should be.

Cover bands. I was going to talk about this Saturday/Sunday, but ran out of steam. Do you ever wonder if cover bands get sick of doing the band they're covering for - or, if they long to add their own personal flair to it? It just seems like it would be somewhat depressing (at some point) to live your life pretending to be someone else. Maybe I'm just too much of an individualist, but that would drive me bazonkers! This band this past weekend, though - they had it DOWN - the clothes, the mannerisms, the sound, even the swagger in the step! It was funny, but I couldn't help but wonder about the musician behind the Bono facade. He really should have done "short-hair" Bono, in my opinion, though.. I just have a hard time getting behind guys with long hair. Dunno, just doesn't seem attractive to me.

It's Margarita Tuesday for Me/Jackie/Wendy and dessert night for the kiddos!! This is the evening my kids look forward to all month. We go to Raphs (the resteraunt that is LITERALLY at the front of my neighborhood) and I order them the entire dessert menu and shrimp fundido for dinner. They LOVE it. I AM a cool Mom - even if it does draw wierd looks now and again...

OH! Music suggestion - go download, if you haven't already heard it, Ice by Sara McLachlan. It's off the Fumbling Towards Ecstasy album. That's my FAVORITE song - sing it every day, every day, every day in the shower... very moody, good nighttime song with candles and wine. Favorite part: "Well I don't like your tragic sighs,as if your God has passed you by well, hey -fool- that's your deception... Your angels speak with jilted tongues, serpent's tail has come undone, you have no .. strength to squander... The only comfort is the mooving of the river, you enter into me a Lie. Upon. Your lips. Offer what you can, I'll take all that I can get.. only a fool is here, to stay..." Gives me chills... :)

Also, the live version of "Hold On" rocks, too... "Oh God, if you're out there won't you hear me - I know that we've never talked before.. Oh God, the man I love is leaving .. won't you take him, when he Cooomes to your door..."

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