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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Myspace Migration: Champagne Thursday

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Taking a brief moment to pay homage to the fact that it's Thursday and in six hours - It becomes Champagne Thursday!!! Today is crazy busy - but, it's going well so I'm not going to knock it.

Only snag in my day: so, yeah... obviously Elliott is NOT going with me to California, so need to change the tickets. Thought I was going to take Jackie, so no big deal... yeah, not so much. Jackie just found out that her physical inventory is the 20th and the 21st... since the trip is the 19th through the 22nd, that's just not going to fly. It's Mandatory for them, no exceptions (they made someone change their daughter's wedding date one year). Sucks. So, now I have NO idea who I'm going to be taking to go play in California and drink wine with me... shoot.

So I don't lose this/forget about it later: http://www.nanowrimo.org/ I'm so looking forward to the 2006 Nano Write a Novel in a month challenge!! I was a 2005 participant and it was a blast... I was thinking it was in October and I wasn't sure how I was going to pull that off with everything going on, but November should be slightly less hectic.. :)

So, finishing up my Champagne Thursday blog, I was thinking about passwords today. EVERY SINGLE DAY, at least once, I put the wrong password into some site.. either my myspace password into my work server verificaton, or my bank password into my ladies site - whatever.. every day it happens. I had a stray thought of "I wonder if those failed attempts are logged somewhere; that could be dangerous...." Either way, you'd think after 2 years I'd remember what password to put into my database, lol...

I watched the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. I like that show, I think. This is only the second episode I saw. There was this line that struck me - I thought man, how I'd long to say THAT and have it be true: "I'm just a girl in a bar. I don't have a story." Of course, that's bunk for her and it would definitely be if I said it. But boy, does it feel easier. Do you ever think about the story behind the stories we get told? The stuff in between the lines that people are loathe to say ~ because it reminds them of pain, because they're embarrassed, because it's complicated - whatever... does that ever cross your mind as you're listening to someone? I wonder sometimes, how much that matters. Is the story they tell the story that makes them who they are, or the stuff between the lines we don't hear? I was going to share my story this evening.. didn't. Decided if the person wanted to know, they'd ask... and honestly, I started to. But what do you give? The bare bones backstory or the stuff that made you who you are? Do people really want to hear that? I'm not really sure. So, I said nothing and that's ok, too. Like I said, if they want to know, they'll ask and if they don't, I didn't impress myself unneccessarily. There's a growth step for me. I'm not one for holding back; I tend to just put myself out there... like it or not.

Last thought- I don't even really remember WHY I thought of this, but I did. Dating sites. Why is it so many people are on multiple dating sites? Is one not enough? Do they NEED the others to help them get the variety they're looking for or is it just a "cover all bases" kind of thing? Just curious.

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