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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Myspace Migration: I? Suck Lemons As The Toothfairy

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Ah, Children and Money. I doubt there's any parent alive that would be suprised by the statement of "kids love their money." Love to get it... my kids don't even mind doing chores to earn it (which yes, that did get an eyebrow raise from me the first time my kids ASKED to do the dishes). But even more than my kids like doing chores for coin, they love report card time and the tooth fairy.

Natalie lost a tooth about a week ago. Now, I'll be the first to concede that I suck as the tooth fairy. I'm not just bad, I truly suck. The kid will lose the tooth, tell me, I tell them to put it under their pillow and then promptly forget they lost the tooth. Luckily, they usually do, too ... but for a couple of years, the tooth fairy only came on "Fridays or Sundays" - told them it was a scheduling issue. Now that they know there really is no tooth fairy, it's worse. I had figured after the beans were spilled with the last tooth that we wouldn't be doing that anymore. Yeah, I underestimated my children's determination to not give up any opportunity for green. So, when Natalie lost this tooth, I really didn't think anything about it. Then, two days later, she asked for the money. Hmm... ok, sure. Told her she'd get $5 for the tooth. She stuck it under her pillow and the next day wanted to know why she didn't have her Lincoln (did you know Abe was on the $5?? - my kiddo is smart, I tell you). I figured I'd just add it into her account. Nope. She wants the money under her pillow and if she can't have it that way, evidentally, she feels like she should be able to negotiate the rate, because she's losing out on the experience. At least that is what she was doing with her father when she pulled yet another tooth Friday night (someone needs to explain to that kid that if she loses too many more teeth, she'll be on applesauce). That kid was born for the boardroom, I'm telling you.

Speaking of reward money, the kids got their report cards. Natalie had "A" honor roll and Lindsey made "AB." I'm very proud of both of them. However, their good grades raised an issue I was able to successfully skirt last year - payment for good grades. I'm not sure I'm keen on this. I like the idea of doing something special with them (we got their nails done and had a special dinner with their father for their good report cards), but I'm not sure I'm ok with paying them. Why? Because to me, good grades are a responsibility, not a choice. While I jokingly say that going to school is their 'job,' I worry that actually paying them for their grades would give them a greater sense of "it's an option." It's not and ten layers of terror would be unleashed if they were to start down the "path of the bad grade."

Lindsey wants to be a witch for Halloween. Natalie is going to LOOOVE what I'm going to be, but she hasn't decided herself. We're going to go trick-or-treat in the neighborhood. I'm ready to go to a Haunted House, but they're not old enough to go to a good one yet. I am going to take them to Fright Night at Six Flags. I want to go to Hangman's.

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