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Friday, September 22, 2006

Myspace Migration: Freaky Friday

Current mood:flirty
Today was just freakin' wierd. Period. Started out great, went sideways, got better, went WAY sideways, and then got better again... all I can say is thank God for Rock and Roll, Good Friends, and Great Beer.

I think Tanya's going to go with me to San Fran since Jackie can't. We had SUCH a good time this evening. Started out at Dave and Busters and moved on over to the Down Under for dinner, more drinks, and dancing. I just gotta say, I LOVE to dance. I probably suck, but I really don't care. It's fun, I like the sway of the body and feeling the thud of the music in your chest - Boom! Boom! Boom! It's intoxicating and I love it! T and I decided we've got to go check out the dance clubs in San Fran ~ noone will know us, we can make complete asses of ourselves and it'll be ok. :) I had oysters this evening. I love seafood. Unfortunately, Tab had some domestic drama and the evening got cut semi-short. But, I had noticed a thunderstorm brewing and I'd rather be here for that, watching it with Riesling, anyway.. Too bad Chris and I couldn't catch a drink this evening - just seemed like it was probably too late. He sounded like he could have used a pick-me-up-friend this evening.
Tomorrow's karaoke night! I'm looking forward to that, should be fun.. I'm glad some people are coming, but I'm not too worried about who shows and who doesn't - it's not a party, it's just what I'm doing and other people said they wanted to do it, too ... so, now it's an 'event.'

Oh, funny thing I wanted to save for future reference so I can reference it when I'm feeling less than stunning - I evidentally do this new look well. Not only was I told I was 'cool' by a handful of guys and dolls today (thank you very much, I think so, too ;) )... but, I got asthetic compliments from guys I know today left and right (I only pay attention to it if it's from someone I know)... so, cool! Guess I'm doing something right - I'd be lying if I said I understood it. I don't think i'm THAT good looking (don't get me wrong, I know I'm not unfortunate looking or anything, but I'm not going to be entering any contests any time soon, either)... so, it's got to be the whole confidence thing. A guy told me once that men like confident women. I definately have that in spades... so, maybe that's it?? Whatever it is, it was fun this evening! :)

Ok, off to watch the impending storm and get some wine and snuggle with my blankie...
~~~eta: Ok, that sounded sooo snotty. I guess I just enjoyed the ego boost today.. everyone likes a little validation.

On a more serious note, what is with people's sense of entitlement? Between watching people just cut past lines of cars because they didn't want to wait, too and being told I don't have the "RIGHT TO FEEL" frustrated... I'm just having a little trouble bending my mind around where people feel like they get off. But, I don't want to address that any more today, because I've FINALLY gotten myself back into a pretty stellar mood after all the sideways twists and turns today...

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