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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Myspace Migration: Oh Wow... So. Sick!

Current mood:sick
Yeah, it's official.. not allergies. Running a fever of over 102. I'm sick. Throat is so swollen that I couldn't swallow earlier. Yuck. Going to the doctor in the morning .. going to zpac whatever's ailing me. You know... there was more that I wanted to say, but I'm dizzy and I forget. Going to go lay back down. Wowzers.
I.need.soup. Unfortunately, I already have spicy asian marinated chicken and veggies to grill for this evening to pair with jasamine rice.. that sounds much more intensive than I'd like to do right now...
Ok, hooked up - can now write and recline. Here's a couple of things that I wanted to address:
1) Carrol High School has changed the way that they elect cheerleaders. Now, as my children don't go to Southlake-Carrol, nor am I a high-school girl - this has no bearing on my life. But, they now have NO maximum for the number of cheerleaders they can have on their varsity team, a minimum of 20 cheerleaders and it's no longer determined by popular vote ... but by judges who, by the way, cannot work at Carrol High. -- Does this just seem slightly nutty to you?? Jeez.
2) I was watching television and there was a commercial for eggs - that this company's eggs were better tasting. Um... maybe I'm off my rocker, but how is that even remotely possible? I mean, do "free-range eggs" taste better than "chicken-coop eggs?" It's an unfertilized egg... seriously, not sure how much that changes from chicken to chicken.
It's great to wake up when you're sick. Ok, I know that sounds plain wrong, but what I mean by that is you get like a 10-30 minute window right after you wake up that you feel OK... brain's not terribly foggy, can keep coherent thoughts and get stuff done. So, what am I spending my "brain time" on? Cheerleaders. This really bugged me for some reason. It's like they've really hindered the exclusivity by having so many and taking out the popular vote. Now, I wasn't a big Pom-Pom girl - so it's not like I'm worried about someone getting in on my club that shouldn't... but, the thing is, there IS exclusivity in life. Popular vote does count. Sometimes, even if you are good enough for something - you don't get it. It's an important lesson to learn. And I wonder, by taking that out - is SCISD helping or hindering those girls? And what about the other kids - I mean, shouldn't they get to choose who their cheerleaders are?? Cheerleaders are supposed to be representative of the student body ~ if the student body doesn't select them, doesn't that somehow diminish the "representation?" Ok, I have no idea why this has bugged me so much.. moving on...
I have had enough tea in the last 24 hours that I'm pretty sure I could float. Off to use my last Shower Soother (a must have if you have a cold, flu, or other head-stuffiness kind of illness).

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