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Friday, September 1, 2006

Myspace Migration: Yeah, it's Been 10 years...

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Ok, so my 10-year reunion is this weekend. So, this is going to be an ongoing post. I wasn't going to go; partly because I thought it was next weekend and partly because I'm not really into living in the past. This feels like going backwards and I'm all about looking forward.

But, several of my old high-school chums have written or called and said they'd like to see me. I have no concrete plans for the evening (or none that can't be cancelled/moved) and not going because I can't find anything suitable to wear doesn't really seem realistic. Besides, with the number of ladies dress shops in Frisco, I don't really think I could realistically get away with that, anyway. So, I guess I'm going. Tonight is the Fox and the Hound. I still have no idea what I'm wearing even after an inordinate amount of champagne and a frantic call to a girlfriend. I think half my wardrobe is on my bed.

I don't know exactly what I'm feeling about this. I'm really not sure if I'm excited to see these people are not. I liked most of the people I went to high school with, I just haven't really thought about them since I left. Bigger and better things and all that, right? I don't want to get caught up in the "look what I've done with my life and all that I've achieved" syndrome that I've heard so many people experience. I don't need to be involved in a peeing contest. I like my life. And I don't want the successes in my life to make anyone else feel like they need to hike up and try to pee farther or harder, know what I mean?

What if I don't remember these people? I mean, it took a lot to remember the people I have remembered. How embarrassing would that be to have someone say, "OMGoodness, remember when..." and I just stare blankly at them because I've spent NO time thinking about High School?? Would they see it as a slight on them? I've already experienced that several times over the last year; people have been gracious, mostly. I laugh and say that I've killed too many brain cells; I'm assuming they think it's because I drink too much. In reality, it's part of the Single Mom Syndrome. There's only so much room - High School Memories get pushed aside for grocery lists, medical histories, nursery rhymes and first aid.

What if I can't relate to them? I know I'm only 28, but I live the life of someone in their thirties. I relate to thirty-somethings; I couldn't tell you last time I went 'clubbing,' or had a drunken, crazy weekend or even a one-night-stand or crazy fling. I don't do those things. I'm a Mom, I'm a Business Professional, I'm a semi-yuppie, basically. And I'm ok with the suburban life, don't get me wrong - but, I listen to the escapades of some of my classmates and just have no relatability - I NEVER lived that life.

Oh well, it's an experience, right??? And it'll probably be a lot more enjoyable than I'm thinking it will be right now. I think pessimism is showing through right now. It's an event - nothing more or less. Speaking of which, I only have an hour to get ready for it.. I really need to go figure out what to wear.
More later.

Ok, I've obviously had some alcohol. I figured out what I'm wearing - Jeans. I.NEVER.WEAR.JEANS. Seriously. I even rarely wear slacks - I'm really a skirt kind of girl. That's my comfort zone. But, Jackie convinced me to wear some stonewashed jeans and my Black House/White Market drape top with some black heels. Probably wear my Bali necklace/earrings combo - they're stunning, but somewhat casual. Oh well, that's done! Graham sent an email that we should meet up later; that might be fun - we never get our schedules in synch and I'm out there, anyway! See.. silver linings!

NIGHT ONE: Fox and Hound Meet and Greet
Ok, I made it through. My worst fears were confirmed and really, it still wasn't that bad. In fact, it was fun. I didn't remember hardly anyone by sight - but, pretty much everyone knew my name. I'm not sure if it's good to be "infamous" (as one of my former classmates put it) or not, lol. I felt like I was Norm in a Cheers Episode: "Crystal Bunch, how are you?!" Um, I'm great - but not so much with faces - did we have a class together? "I'm So-and-So, remember when we XYZ?" Of Course!!! It's good to see you - how's life treating you? What have you been up to?

That was my mantra for a good deal of the evening. Some people I remembered after they told me who they were; some people I didn't, but you could tell they liked to be remembered. It's interesting to see what the years have done for some of us; and what they haven't for others. I guess it's the same with all reunions, right?? For some of us, time had mellowed us. For others, it was like time had stood still. They were exactly the same person they were in high school - and it was those people who were out of place. We did very little reminiscing overall; we talked about our jobs, our children, our lives... we sang (I have a fuzzy recollection of a cue stick turned microphone around 1am), played darts and enjoyed once comrades turned strangers. I even got the customary "hook-up" offer (more than once, which made me feel strangely good given the fact that I am not the size 4 I was back in high school). Can't say I felt even remotely interested on taking anyone up on it, but it was nice to know you weren't the girl that everyone was saying "Wow, she went to hell" after I walked away.

On the whole "hook-up" subject - who REALLY does that and why would they? I could see meeting up with someone you went to high school with and saying "That person's interesting" and wanting to go out after the reunion, but meaningless sex with your old high school flame (or whomever)?? Don't really get the draw...

The jeans were a good choice - it made it easy to retrieve the dart I threw into the TV (note to self: not really good at darts while facing the dartboard; turning around and throwing it backwards is probably NOT the best of ideas). I can't believe I got a dart stuck into the TV Speakers. LOL

After the reunion, I caught up with Graham for a bit. Was interesting, fun. He lives near my old stomping grounds - not that I could have seen much of it at the ungodly hour I was out there - but, I promised him next time I was in the area, I'd see him. And I always keep my word (or try to, at least). So, I was thanking GOD I had had the foresight to tell my parents I may stop off and sleep at their house last night. I got in at 4 and was SO ready to crash - I think, after tonight, tomorrow is going to be a recouperation day. Maybe a nap is even called for this afternoon, I don't know.

Well, I have an engagement to get ready for now. Tonight is the Reatta - should be interesting. Found a cute, coral dress that I'm going to wear - I don't do color often, but it was just a fun, flitty dress, so why not? Not too casual, but not formal, either. I like it and it goes great with my nude heels. Will update later...

Night 2: Reatta on the Roof
Second night. Actually ended up going with a black seperates outfit(White House/Black Market Top and Gitti Skirt, was fun and casual whilst still being respectable - ok, now that I've got the girly stuff out of the way). Dinner was good, did a little talking, saw more people I haven't seen in a decade and a few that evidentally, I had - but didn't know I had. LOL THAT was funny to me.

I had a blast. Danced all night - danced in my heels until my feet hurt too much to do so, and then I lost the heels and kept going. I probably looked like a moron, but you know what? I really don't care - I had a ball. Danced the macarena, shook my tailfeather (lol), got my freak on (haven't heard that song in ages) and did the Hip! Hop! Hooray... Danced with my old friends and schoolmates and just enjoyed the evening. I was suprised, and a little saddened, by the number of people who wanted to dance, but were afraid to make asses of themselves. My thought?? I haven't seen these people in 10 years, I probably won't see them for another 10... why worry about "impressing them?" Furthermore, I have found that the experiences I enjoyed the most were the ones where I just let go and so that's what I did. Is it just me, or was music cooler in the 90s??? Byron and Carl had a dance-off and I even got thrown in the circle at some point - I remember thinking to myself that people really shouldn't dance BEHIND me... I can't see what they're doing. LOL You know me, it's my world and I like to be in control. We were silly, we had fun. I think that's what it's supposed to be. All I got to say is Joanna and Diana still can dance like nobody's business!

All in all, I'm glad I went. I didn't go to the picnic thing today, but I had done everything I had set out to do on Friday and Saturday. I saw where we went, I did get to enjoy myself and I connected with a couple of people I'm really glad I'm getting the chance to know now. I'm sure I'll have more to say about all this later, after it digests a bit.. but, for now... I just wanted to report that I really had a very good time.

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