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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Myspace Migration: Another Exciting Email Exchange

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Ok, you'd like to think that all men aren't asshats. Truthfully, I know they all aren't, but email exchanges like the one below do make that somewhat hard to believe now and again... Guys, NO CHICK worth her salt thinks this is cool. I can't fathom the woman that would read this and say, "Oh, now There's a MAN!" We read it and say, "Asshat."

From: Shawn
Date: Sep 15, 2006 3:53 PM

dont want to chat
From: Crystal
Date: Sep 15, 2006 3:34 PM

Sure.. what do you want to chat about? I was working earlier.
From: Shawn
Date: Sep 18, 2006 7:23 AM

you look very sexy in your pics...im from aubrey too...do you like to flirt online
From: Crystal
Date: Sep 18, 2006 5:33 AM

I appreciate the comment, but no - not really into online flirting. Sorry... Hope you have a nice day, though!
From: Shawn
Date: Sep 18, 2006 7:35 AM

i didnt mean like cybersex or anything....just wanted to get to know you better..thats all...im not a perve or anything...you have a sexy look with that red lipstick and the dark hair and eyes....

From: Crystal
Date: Sep 18, 2006 5:55 AM

This is going to sound witchy and I don't mean it that way, but look at it through my filter for a moment. Your whole spiel has been features that benefit you... you've said nothing to this point that gives me any sort of feature or benefit that would make chatting with you worth it FOR ME. You have no real profile - just that you're looking for fun and then everything else on your page oozes of sex. You have no picture, so I have no mental image of who I'm speaking with.. there's absolutely nothing in either your page or your emails that would give me any sense of who you are. No features, thus no benefits.

From: Shawn
Date: Sep 19, 2006 7:24 AM

i didnt mean to offend you yesterday....if i did then i apologize
From: Crystal
Date: Sep 19, 2006 5:28 AM

You didn't offend me; I just needed to state my position. What you do next is really up to you.

From: Shawn
Date: Sep 19, 2006 7:30 AM

its not all about sex....and i didnt want you to think that....i thought you looked pretty in your pics and i wanted to tell you that....im a flirt by nature..cant help it...thats why i asked if you liked to flirt...i didnt mean cybersex....just some casual flirting....just getting to know you....you have a sexy look about you...i have always loved women who wore glasses....something sexy about it....you look like the quite lady that works at a library but who is a wildcat in the bedroom....dont be offended....you are a pretty woman

From: Crystal
Date: Sep 19, 2006 5:34 AM


Totally understand what you're saying and not to toot my own horn, you're not the first to have said it. What I was trying to get at, and evidentally it was missed, is that if you're looking for someone (who has any substance to them) to talk/flirt back, then you need to start selling YOUR features and benefits, rather than recapping hers. Because I guarantee you, she KNOWS her features and benefits. So when you do that, you're wasting her time - which means right now, you're wasting my time.

And if it's not all about sex, then why is that really all you've talked about?

From: Shawn
Date: Sep 19, 2006 1:35 PM

dont take this the wrong way...but yu have a very sexy mouth
Clearly, we have a Rhodes Scholar on our hands...
I need a new song on my homepage - Delerium yanked 'After All' - any suggestions??

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