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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Myspace Migration: Let The Rain Fall Down... Weekend Blog

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We have RAIN!!! Ok, one of the goofy things about having a home is that you get excited for your landscape every time it rains. I water my yard like 4 times a day (no joke, I'm technologically impaired and I can't figure out how to reprogram my sprinkler system), but I still have some strange belief that rain is better for it. It's certainly more fun to watch, too...

Ok, I'm just realizing something. I'm a total goober. Why do I have such a problem with software? I can design and help put together a sprinkler system, but I can't program the box. I can build a computer that runs fine for two years, but when I have to replace the sound card - I can't figure out how to get the software to install correctly and now I have no sound card on my computer. There are other examples, but it would just be redundant. And I'm going to rant about Norton for a second - it's completed forked over my computer - the thing ran FLAWLESSLY until I installed norton and now it's slow, my sound card is screwed up, it jacked up Microsoft Money, I can't use my webmail and it won't let me click on links in Yahoo.
I had such beautiful sleep last night. I kept hearing "Chasing Cars" in my dreams, though "All that I am, all that I ever was.. Is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see..." Good lyrics.

I love my Nati. She just made my morning by calling to say she loves me. :)
I have no concrete plans until this evening, so I think I'm going to go to the DMA today. Sounds kinda fun. I NEED to clean my house, but that does not sound fun and relaxing. I need to create FAB sheets (Features and Benefits) on 3 candidates today - that I WILL do, probably stop by the office on the way to the museum. And a pumpkin latte sounds good - I should work out first, though.. I guess I'll stop loafing and do that now... maybe hang up the clothes in my room first.

Had fun last night. Karaoke is just so cool.. no pictures, but none were needed. There is a two-hour limit on Saturday nights, so at 10 we went to Vickery Park, where Meredith's Shamir works. I liked that place, it was nice to sit out on their Patio and enjoy some good drinks and the nice September night air... I did get tipsy last night - enough to where I had to eat a pork taco (not kosher!!)... but, it's what they had and I had to drive home. I was fine by the time I left at 1:30, though... they have pretty good Tacos, but for some reason, they don't start making them until AFTER 11pm.
Going out with the girls today.. Jackie and I are going to breakfast before we pick up Amy. I'm looking forward to going to Northpark today - there's a shirt I need to Exchange at BH/WM (I'm ok with boob shirts, but that one is rediculous, even if it is adorable) as well as a skirt that just ... I liked it better at the store than I did when I got it home. I do NOT like exchanging things. However, if I'm going to spend over a hundred dollars on one article of clothing (which has been the trend of late), then damnit, I'm going to WEAR it. LUSH DAY!!! BATH BOMBS!! Aaaaaand, there's a Lush Party today, so that means New Stuff! Yay! It's rediculous how much I Love that store and their Rockstar soap and Jenna Jameson glitter bath bomb (it's pink, makes you a little glittery, makes you smell yummy, and puts out enough bubbles that it looks like a bath out of a chick porn flick, thus the nickname I gave it "the Jenna Jameson bath bomb"). I need to get another gold glitter massage bar while I'm there, today, too... I've been using the massage bar I got while I was seeing Elliott to work out the stress in my legs after working out (it was originally something purchased for use with him, but he's not in the picture... and waste not, want not!). It's called Wiccy Magic Muscles - has these layer of little beans that feel like little fingers when you are massaging it over your muscles that feel. so. good. And, it warms your skin as you use it (thank you cinnamon leaf) ~ it's a
very.good.experience. Anyway, definitely recommend it and so glad I came across it.
Appointment with the surgeon is tomorrow.. it'll all be good, I'm sure.

~ETA: It's all good. Don't need surgery. Yay!

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