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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Myspace Migration: There's a Little Bit of Me in There

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Parent/Teacher conference yesterday went well.. Linds is doing fabulous this year, thus far. Which, of course, makes me happy as a parent. There's some "girl posse" that's causing problems up at school, though - had to talk with Lindsey about that last night. She is not in it (thankfully), but we have entered the age of the 'clique' and she does have her own little group that she's in. The difference between her group and the "girl posse" is that her group is ok with them having friends outside of the group and they don't terrorize those who aren't in it. The "girl posse" (as they call themselves) actually choose people to terrorize and God Help You if you talk with someone outside the group. Total meanness. It's to the point they're sitting all the fourth grade girls down to talk about it. Drama, evidentally, starts young.

So, I really wanted to talk with Lindsey about it (though, I just can't tell you the five shades of relief I went through when her teacher stressed that Lindsey is VERY sweet and has shown no interest in being in that group/nor has she been picked on BY the group yet). I was so proud to be her Mom last night! Her thought process on the subject is pretty much the same as mine: "I don't have to like everyone, but I can still be nice to them. I like myself more when I'm happy to everyone." Awww.. my kid rocks. That's the way I look at life, too - though. Helena calls it being one of the "shiny, happy people." So, I guess my kid's got a little bit of me in there, somewhere.

Nati's asking about acting lessons again. I know there's an acting troupe in Frisco, I really need to get on that and find out where/when lessons are. How is she ever going to be a soap actress if she doesn't get her lessons, she asks?? LOL She's my little diva... She went to bed early last night so she'd get enough "beauty sleep" for her pictures this morning. That was fine by me - I was zonked out. But, it did get a little smirk... So, our family went to bed at 8:30 last night, lol...

Making breakfast pizza for the munchkinerinos this morning... has cinnamon and various fruit, along with cream cheese icing. It's pretty yummy, but not so much diet friendly - so, I'm having special K. Being an adult is so not cool sometimes.
So one of the surveys that went through my group of friends yesterday asked a question about whether or not you'd go out with someone you found physically unattractive. That question... or more specifically, the varying responses, really intruiged me. First of all, "attractiveness" is really subjective, so it was hard to know what that meant to each person. There's no specific standard that says, "If you weigh more than X, Have teeth that look like Y, or don't have Z, you are officially unattractive." What's important to me (eyes, hands, smile and typically height.. it's not intentional, but I do not find myself naturally attracted to people who are shorter than I - I don't see myself as tall) may mean nothing to you. I would so love to send a follow-up survey of "Well, what does 'attractive' mean to each of you? How do you define it?"

To me, there's two halves to "attractive" - there's the physical, and there's the personality/intellect. And really, if you've got one but not the other - your overall attractiveness is affected. I mean, you could be Einstein, but if you weigh 380 pounds, I'm going to have a very hard time imagining myself with you.. in fact, it might scare me a bit. Is that cruel? Maybe a little; but, it's life. Right? On the flip side, though - Adonnis would not be someone I'd want to date. Someone who's really into their physical, but doesn't develop the emotional/intellectual side of their being is actually extremely unattractive to me. But that's probably because an intellectual/emotional connection is really important to me.

Obviously, this is another balance issue (like so many things in life). So what happens when you have to choose? When you have to tip the scales towards one end or the other - which side does it REALLY go to? Obviously, we know that saying "physical attraction" sounds shallow - so most of us would automatically say "oh, of COURSE I'm more interested on the inside." But, is that how it really plays out?

I was with a gal pal a couple of weeks ago. There were these two guys at this table - one of them was cute in a nerdy sort of way (think glasses - which I personally like - dockers, penny loafers) and the other one was more conventionally, metrosexual Dallas attractive. Not quite sure what paired them together, based off the conversations we overheard. The slightly nerdy guy was really much better rounded as an individual and if I were into picking up guys at bars, I'd probably have asked him out. However, I'm not and this was more about her. Anyway, so Steph was really into the metrosexual - and he was quite hot, I don't blame her. But every time he opened his mouth he said something degrading. As I was listening (and maybe that's it, maybe she wasn't ... she seemed pretty focused on his chest), he put down the world and everyone in it. But, that's the one she went for -sauntered over there (after unbuttoning the top button on her blouse - like he couldn't see the mountain of chest she had stuffed in that shirt without that, anyway, lol) and picked him up. If I were interested in being a good wing-man, I would have followed and chatted up the other guy - but, I wasn't because I thought that was the guy she should have been picking up. Anyway, it doesn't suprise me AT ALL that two weeks later she's talking about how he's cute, but there's nothing there intellectually. You think??

More to say, but must get small squirts ready for the stylist now... later... Stylist still hasn't shown up - might have to do this myself - please say a prayer for my girls.. I'm pretty challenged when it comes to this stuff (I straighten my hair when I don't want it curly, that's the extent of my ability to style)! Also, my apologies for the fifteen million reposts of this morning's blog - it's been corrected!

My stylist overslept; so I did it myself. Have pictures up under my pic page in my profile. Also have new pictures of me, in response to the emails (so stop griping, lol).

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