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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Myspace Migration: Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Current mood:lazy
So, saw a U2 Cover last night with what is turning out to be my newfound concert buddy, Adam. Was fun - and probably much safer than the "Stripper Pole/Stock the Bar/I Got Divorced" party I was going to go to with T and definately more fun than Season 2 of Entourage that I originally planned on. It was at the Tipperary Inn - I like that place and would like to go back when there's no band. It felt like my speed. They were good - even sounded like U2. I want to address the whole topic of cover bands later, but not right now...

I'm getting better at driving around in Dallas. While YES, I did get lost trying to get to Northpark, leaving me only a half hour to shop (which is fine, I'm all for getting in/getting what you need/getting out unless you're meandering with a friend) - I did not get lost going home and I even took an alternate route than what Mapquest suggested!!! It's the little things in life and I'm telling you, I felt badass. LOL

Ok, so I want to talk about the "high maintenance lifestyle." I sort of tried to talk with Adam about this last night - but, it wasn't coming out right and I think he thought I meant the PEOPLE are high-maintenance. While there are high-maintenance people, that's not what I meant. I'm talking about the lifestyle here. It seems to me, that Dallas promotes a somewhat high-maintenance lifestyle. Looking around when I'm at a club, you see people really WORKING HARD to impress - dressed to the nines in clothes you'd probably never see them in the rest of the week, acting in ways I'm not sure they'd act on their own (and sometimes would hope they wouldn't), spending insane amounts of money on drinks they're not going to have in their system 24 hours from now.

Don't misunderstand - I think the Dallas nightlife is fun and I'm enjoying getting into some. But, for me, it's a metered dose thing - one or two nights a week (the weekend). What I'm wondering is, for those who do it daily... does it change you? Make your lifestyle harder, higher to maintain?? Does suddenly, the black-button down shirt that you have not seem cool enough and so you have to go get one with more "flash" to it (like maybe pearl buttons?? hehehe - sooo just kidding, that actually sounds kinda cool lol)?? I don't know, just wondering...

But, maybe that's because my life is very low-maintenance, despite the fact that I have 2 kids and a healthy dose of chaos. I'm just as happy going bowling or doing the karaoke thing on the weekend as I am hanging out at Carsons (maybe moreso, Carsons is something of a meat market). I love it when I get together with friends and we watch sports, movies, whatever.. that's fun for me. And I can do it in jeans and a tee-shirt (which, incidentally, IS basically what I wore last night.. I just wore a black-house/white-market v-neck shirt ... did I mention I LOVE that place?). So, maybe this just looks slightly harder to maintain by comparison. But, I'm not knocking it - like I said, I have enjoyed my foray into the Dallas nightlife and really, whatever makes people happy is cool with me.

I've been watching the thunderstorm on my front porch. I LOVE my front porch (big part of the reason I took the house) and I love watching the rain - love thunderstorms. You can feel the energy, the air smells better, it's soothing and enjoyable. I'll often sit on my porch and just watch it - or, write and watch. This morning, I just sipped my Mimosa, wrapped in a light blanket, and gazed out. It was nice and lazy.
More later, perhaps...
Brief moment of frustration: The kids still aren't here. So, I call Jason to find out what's up.. they're not coming until 4PM!!!!!!! I would have liked to have them earlier, but I can deal - but, now what am I going to do with myself?! I had "snuggle and spend time with munchkins" engrained in the brain. Hmm.. guess I could have stayed out later after all...maybe I'll go to the Dallas Art Museum...
Ok, this section is a total vent.. not even sure if it's going to be worth reading, I'm just cheesed by a couple of things and I want to get them OFF my chest so I can go on with my merry little day.

First of all, another guy bites the dust. I got a gift. From a guy that I haven't been talking to for very long at all. Well, correction - we talked and saw each other a few months back, and then pursued other interests and then started talking again a couple of weeks ago. So, there's a short-hand. But, this was completely unasked for (which makes sense), and completely unwanted. It was gorgeous, I'll give him that - Mont Blanc pen.. I love Mont Blanc, and I while I do find it cute that he was trying to tie in a tip of the hat to both my Judaic heritage and my writing... it feels like an attempt to buy my affections. And that is SO not cool. Maybe this is a societal norm that I've missed along the way.. he's certainly not the first guy to buy me something (in a time-frame that I consider to be extremely premature). But, what exactly about me screams that I would be even remotely interested in that? I'd like to think that I come off as self-sufficient, down to earth and low-maintanence. But, if I appear to be the kind of girl that needs gifts to accept your affection/be interested in someone... then, perhaps I'm not? Either way, it's inappropriate. It's one thing when you're in an established relationship.. you see something that strikes you, something you want to get for your boyfriend/girlfriend and so you do. But, the keywords here are ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIP and BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND. We had neither one of those keywords in our relationship - so, he's history and the gift should get back to him on Tuesday, assuming Fed-ex stays on schedule. I feel like the Pussycat Dolls "I Don't Need a Man" should be playing in the background.
I don't mean to be a complete hard-ass about this, but gifts cause issues - or they can. Issues I don't want, need, or really even have time for. First of all, I don't want any guy thinking he needs to buy me anything to get my affections/attention. I'm not a 'bling' kind of girl. Secondly, I have to wonder whether or not accepting gifts from men that I'm not in a singular relationship with would be a) leading them on, b) causing them to inwardly question whether I like them or the stuff they're buying me, and c) create some sort of unspoken obligation (or the delusion that there should be). I'm not going to be tied to someone by stuff. Now, flowers (in appropriate amounts, nothing crazy), CDs a guy burned for me to hear, that kind of stuff - that's cool .. I'm all for that. Don't care get if I get that stuff or not... but, I'm not going to return them. But, expensive crap is a different story - don't want, don't need, really wigs me out. Ok, 'nough of that.

Second gripe (last gripe, actually), is Jason. He informed me he's taking vacation in October, the week of the 13-23rd. Why do I care about this? Because the vacation I've had planned for MONTHS, which is not moveable at this point, is the 19th-22nd. And he was supposed to watch the kids. We talked about it, I remember the conversation because I actually offered him to stay at my house to make it easier and he made a smart-alecked remark about whether or not my 'toys' would be hidden. But, now he's saying we never talked about it and he's not going to be in state. He's got nothing planned, doesn't know where he's going - but Sorry! Can't help. BREATHE. BREATHE. BREATHE. I so want to throttle him at the moment. We will definately be having more discussions about this because I AM going to California.

I'm going to go cook something now. Maybe some Asada.

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