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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Myspace Migration: Single-Mommy Superstar

Single-Mommy Superstar
I want one of those Stars that movie-actresses/actors have on their door - that says, "Single Mommy Superstar" or something... today is going to be a total feat of scheduling/controlling chaos, if I can pull it off.
First, I did not wake up with a headache this morning. I did, however, oversleep and didn't get up in time to work-out, so that'll be shifted to this afternoon. Why did I oversleep? Not because of the Riesling, like one might think.. no, it's because my child's tooth broke in the middle of the night. (Why do all these things happen AFTER midnight?? Can't we do daytime catastrophes like normal people??) It looks gnarly. So, today we're going to have to take a trip to the dentist for some emergency work. Fun, fun. Somehow, I'm going to have to work this around a client visit, 2 interview preps and a presentation prep for tomorrow's client meeting - and, Oh yeah! because I AM Yearbook Chair, I've got a meeting at 4ish with the Lifetouch chick. Oy! Today's going to be busy. Wish me luck, I'm probably going to need it.
Ok. I lived through today - the dentist was an asshat and we were in the office for 8 hours, which to me is beyond the pale, but I'm done complaining - my daughter is going to be fine and that's what counts. And I was able to write 18 pages on medical catastrophes with kids, so that's good, I guess. I'm threadbare, though... and as of tomorrow, my new song is going to be Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Heard that song on Grey's Anatomy this evening and it moved me in ways I really can't even express.
I'm in one of those moods where what I really want is a good conversation, but I'm just a little too drained to go to the effort to start one. So, I guess I'll go sip on my coffee....

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