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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Myspace Migration: Random Acts of Illness...

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So, today was interesting. I.Am.Siiiiiick. Did go to the Doctor and got antibiotics. Am totally drugged up, and taking lots of Vitamin C (which I picked up today, maybe it'll help, maybe it won't) which isn't really like me (I don't like pills, but my head felt like it was going to explode)... here's what's on my mind today:

My Doctor is cute and, evidentally, single. And I looked like a complete schlub - not that you could (or should) seriously date your Doctor anyway, but that's really not the point. My hair was up, I was wearing oversized scrubs, my yankees shirt (again, oversized), and my addidas flippy-flops. I haven't seen THIS doctor in over a year - I forgot that he was cute. And what did we spend today talking about? Hormones and drainage. Good Lord. Need to go back to my Doctor of 24 years - he feels like my Dad, so I can't see him in the 'cute' light. Which is good, because I don't want to be grinning like an idiot (what I do when I'm embarrassed) whilst talking about the different alternatives for Hormone Replacement Therapy. Did you know that Premarin has equine hormone derived from urine?? Can you say GROSS?? (and that is SO NOT what we decided for me to take)

Moving on, there is absolutely nothing good on Daytime TV. I understand why women watch soaps, though - talk about a fantasy world! Everyone was beautiful (even the token fat person that they had on there), they were all fabulously weathly, I didn't see anyone really working, mostly fabulous clothing, and OMGod - the abs on some of those men! I left ABC on after the news so I would see when the T.O. conference came on .. it was just funny to actually watch the soap... One Life? Yeah, no wonder so many housewives are dissatisfied with their lives - there's NO reality there whatsoever.

T.O. - his publicist should be so fired. Maybe everyone knows that he's seeing his publicist, but if they don't, I bet they do now. Miss Thang came out with jeans, a very clingy top, and GUM in her mouth... smacking it around and letting it just sit there while she was talking on camera. Very unprofessional. And what's up with him, anyway?

I really don't care if he tried to kill himself or not - I don't understand people who think that suicide is an acceptable option, but it's their life... if they want to end it, should that be their option? Should we really try to revive someone/intervine? Seriously, I'm not sure - on the one hand, obviously it would seem as though they're unstable and not able to really make that decision... but, on the other hand (and I know this is going to sound crass)... isn't that kind of what the Darwin award is for? I have a very low empathy level for this kind of thing - my ex- used to threaten this all the time (he has a depression disorder).. of course, he never did it. But, it made me wonder truly... if someone wants to end their OWN life (not take out anyone else).. do we as a society have the right to say no??
On a lighter note, I had this lovely realization that we were actually engineered to fit together! It has to do with the bridge of the nose, and how the other person's nose/forehead fits perfectly there - kind of a snuggly thing. I'm sure I'm not explaining it well, but it was a lovely thought to wake up to.

I need to research the Save Our Homes Ammendment in Florida. It was brought to my attention today regarding building - and I really didn't see the two as intertwined - in so much that I don't see how it would affect builders. However, I concede I don't really know much about it other than it's a tax cap that put most of the responsibility of supporting the local government onto the business/commerce end of things. It's also kept quite a few people from moving so they don't lose the cap advantage - but, with the retirees continuing to flock to Florida... how much of a difference is it making to MY industry??

I guess that's all the musing I can recall for now - other than I do miss having someone around when I'm sick. Not that you'd want to snuggle up to someone when you're sick, that'd be kind of mean, but it's nice to know someone else is around, you know? But, for now, I need to start the grill and cook the chicken I didn't want to yesterday...

ETA: Oh yes, there IS a flu epidemic going around... take whatever you take to keep from getting sick!

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