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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Myspace Migration: Midnight Randomness & Music

So, I'm going to start this blog off with the MySpace bugs are starting to tick me off. They've now eaten TWO of my blog postings this evening. But, since I have another 10 songs to go through before I want to call it a night (mostly because of something I'm going to address a little further down in the blog); I'm going to rewrite this one. But, this serves as my formal notice of complaint - Tom, break out the pest control! I don't like losing what I wrote!

Chris reminded me this afternoon while we were chatting about nothing terribly significant that everything is seperated by Six Degrees. Well, in my life it tends to run more in Threes, but the concept is the same. It's actually how I ran across my newfound favorite wiseguy, who classifies himself as a "Throwback to the days when men were men." I'm still pretty convinced it's all just for shock-value or self-preservation, Chris - but whatever helps you sleep at night! Anyway, I found him by surfing through Brian Cuban's friends and found DallasBondGirl because of a dating blog. On DallasBondGirls comment page was Christopher - who had a good blog on Moby Dick (if I recall), so he got messaged and then befriended... now I have regular smart-ass comments posted on my blog. They're fun, though; so, I don't mind.

It's also how I realized that I traded in the title of "SuperMom" this evening for "SuperIdiot." At least for today and probably tomorrow. So, Natalie was playing at a friends today and when I picked her up, she informed me that she had broken her arm. I summarily dismissed it, since she hadn't called to have me pick her up, nor was she crying in pain... "Of COURSE you did sweetheart - and if it's still broken next week, we'll have it looked at.. want to listen to Ice Princess?" Yeah. Ok. Well, she came downstairs about an hour ago now trying to hold back tears, apologizing for being awake - but, her arm REALLY hurt. So, I have her take off her pj top so I can examine her arm (it was long-sleeved, I kind of freeze the house out at night). She has trouble getting it off - Uh-oh... this is NOT a good sign. Do you remember playing with those brad-pin dolls when you were younger? Their joints were connected by brad-pins and you could move them every-which-way to degrees that were completely unhuman? Yeah, you can do that with her right arm at the elbow. You cannot do it with her left arm. Crud.

What makes this worse is that it's history repeating itself for the 3rd time (thus the three degrees of seperation). I broke my wrist in the 4th grade... my parents didn't believe me. It was THREE DAYS before they took me to the doctor. Lindsey broke her wrist last year and I actually thought she was just doing the hypochondriac thing again (that child feels every stray ache and pain and HAS to tell you about it). Yeah, no, actually a significant fracture. So, you'd think I'd have the good sense to believe my kid when she says she broke her arm. Nah. Now she's got to try and tough it out until morning (which I totally drugged her up with tylenol, so that shouldn't be hard) when I can take her to the urgent care center. Good grief. That is also why I'm wanting to stay up for a little while longer... I'm afraid she's not going to be able to stay asleep...

There's more, but suddenly I just want to veg on the couch, watch my flickering candles (LOVING the downpour candles from Pier One - my house smells like a rainstorm) and listen to the techno I have downloaded by recommendation (Thanks J). I'll write more tomorrow after I get back from the urgent care center. Thank GOD for my job and it's flexibility.
Later, folks...

Ok, so she didn't break her arm, she just dislocated her elbow and caused a sprain. I'd like to say so see, I'm not a complete moron in the parenting department and can retain my "SuperSingleMom" title. But, she DID dislocate it and I sent her to bed with two tylenols. Oy vey! I guess, at the end of the day, I should just be grateful that she's NOT hurt, enjoyed the x-rays (and yes, she did make me take a picture... told you she's a diva!), and thinks I rock because I got her a reeses smoothie from double-dip and chipotle.

Myspace freaked out this morning. This is actually the first time since 7:30 or so that I've been able to log in. It's unnaturally quiet in the bulletin section, too ... it's only when something's gone that you realize that you really are addicted to it.

I'm realizing I've got one BORING weekend ahead of me. My big plans? Entourage. I picked up the DVDs because I liked the season 3 finale and wanted to catch myself up. So, Entourage and Wine... or maybe soju.. either way, not exactly thrilling plans for a kid-free weekend. LOL Might need to do something about that.
Nati wants to snuggle now.. later!

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