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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Myspace Migration: Tuesday & the 'Back-Up Candidate'

Tuesday, Tuesday
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I've come to a sad and somewhat twisted realization: I am a total myspace survey addict. Chris is right, there's no denying it. I actually looked forward to seeing who put a survey up last night. And seriously, it was an awesome survey - Thanks Jen! One of these days I'll have to make my own to do.. but, that comes somewhere down on the list of priorities of after I get all my work done, I've finished my book, and have found the secret to world peace. LOL

So, on the topic of kids, it's picture day tomorrow at their school. Lifetouch is doing the photography this year, so they'll be good pictures. But HELLO - It's like $61 dollars PER CHILD for their photo packages!!! What the heck?! But, you've got to get enough not only for yourself, but being the wonderful Single Super-Mom I am, I get enough for their father, his parents, my parents, all 3 sets of great-grandparents, his brother and sister, my brother and the kids friends. Good Lord that's a lot of people. Natalie has decided to go retro and do a '50's thing - poodle skirt and pink striped shirt - it's adorable! Lindsey wants to go Hepburn - sheath dress, seafoam and Jessica Simpson hair. I love my daughters - they can be so girly. So, tomorrow morning my stylist is going to fix their hair before school so they look glam... and they get to take clear lip gloss - so, they're on cloud nine and I'm the bomb. Since the whole experience is going to cost about $170, I darn well better be. LOL

On the subject of relationships, I want to talk about "back-up candidates" today. I'm not knocking the back-up candidate, we all do it - but, I've always seen it through MY filter of having the back-up candidates, never really realizing that I was probably someone else's back-up candidate. I mean, after all, I'm me, right? Of course I'm fabulous and would be first! LOL Anyway, I was hit with the realization yesterday that I was not, in fact, the first girl this guy has met. Since I'm talking to more than one guy, and I don't know this one all that well, I really am not complaining, it was just funny... I've just never really had that brought up to me before. I like his logic though, "We should keep talking because you never know how things are going to turn out." You're right. You don't. He's a nice guy, and you get to make a new friend in the process, which is always a good thing. My question is this: if you're to the point you KNOW who your "back-up candidates" are, are you at the point where you probably don't need to be seeing them? I don't have an answer for this, so it's not really rhetorical... it's probably another one of those "to each thier own" subjective answers. But, like, with me - I don't really have the guys I date categorized into "I like this one the most," or "this guy's second" or that kind of thing. They're just guys that I'm getting to know. Eventually, one of them typically gets sifted towards the top and I realize there's a greater connection or romantic interest or whatever. Then, that's the guy I want to spend my time with - the others get told "Hey, I've met someone and while I'm not opposed to continuing to see you when time permits, it's probably not going to go anywhere... time to look at this as a friends scenario." To me, the very act of identifying someone as a "back-up" pretty much means they're not really the right person for you - or they wouldn't be your back-up... right? But, on the other hand, a lot of this is just timing - can't help who you meet first. So, you can be way down the road of getting to know someone when someone new pops up - do you chuck the investment into the other person? Probably not. Maybe - I mean, I guess it would depend on the new kid on the block - but, probably not. I need more coffee.

Ok, time to go figure out what I'm wearing today (so many skirts, so many decisions) and whether or not I'm going into the office. I've got parent/teacher conferences today, so I'm tempted to work from home. BUT, since I have a meeting with my boss tomorrow, I'm thinking that MIGHT not be the best of ideas...
Oh yeah, is it just me or does Myspace seem buggy lately???

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