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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

#TR30Days - Got to Give it Up

Some days?  Just don't gel and today is one of them.  It started last night, really, had some stuff come up with work that just really was less-than-stellar (1) that I ended up dealing with until nearly midnight.   This is definitely a challenge when your office?  Is also at home.  Anyway...  The fun kept going from there:

  1. That'd be about the time I realized I booked a date for the same night I have a concert. (2)  
  2. Found out this morning that one of the searches I've had my team working on because it was a 'top priority?'  Whoops, just kidding.. looking now like it was actually pretty much a complete waste of time.  Yay for the 30 something potential candidates we queued up. (3)  Blah.  
  3. Got into my marketing plan this morning and realized 1/4 of the way into it?  It's jacked up.. it's just targeted wrong.  So, back to the drawing board - didn't really have time for that right now but what I'm doing isn't working so I'm going to have to re-do it.  
  4. I've got ancient history completely on the brain right now; can't seem to get it off my mind - and it doesn't even matter anymore! Has that ever happened to you?  Something or someone gets stuck in your head & every few minutes it's/they're on your mind? Grrr...  
  5. And to add insult to injury?  Natalie is on a MISSION to keep me from getting anything done today with work. She has been So.Noisy!  I've tried hiding out in my office, hiding out in my room - NOTHING is working.  She's normally really good with my workday; but today she's driving me nuts. 
  6. And it's too hot to kick her outside.

Finally?  I decided it was time.  Got to give it up.
So... I made muffins. 

They're low-carb, so they won't even foul up my dietary plan that much.  Took about 10 minutes to make; but seriously kept me from losing my cool completely.  They came out pretty, I felt like I'd accomplished and it's helping me reset a little bit.  Gonna go submit three candidates, check my voicemail & then rework my marketing plan.  Yeah, it's not going to get me where I want to be this instant; but its a whole lot better than stewing in the sideways stress, I think... (4)  

I Can Not Do Everything. 
Stuff Will Go Sideways Sometimes.
People Come, Go, Change.
That's Okay. 
The Notion of Perfection?  Got to Give it Up. :)
Take me home, Marvin....(Or Justin Channeling Him)

(1) it happens, it's okay - just didn't make my day.
(2)  Thank goodness it was a first date & he's got a good sense of humor.  :p
(3)  again, it happens, but so frustrating... at least we have a good relationship with the HR team - they're cool.
(4) Alexander & The Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day style


  1. That happens to me like once every 3 months! I normally either have a stiff drink and go to HH with a group of friends or go home and either 1. sleep or 2. watch ridiculous TV like "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" or "Jerseylicious."

    I haven't had something on my mind that I didn't have interest in before, but that happens to be regarding meteorology a lot. :) Maybe you need to research the history part to see if something clicks with one of your other issues ;)

    On a different note: I didn't feel like blogging today, but I'm doing a TR30days update tomorrow, so keep an eye out! I'm so proud of what you have been accomplishing, so I feel like my list is lame :) I know its not, but that's how awesome you are doing!!

  2. @Belinda - your update was fantastic & you've done A LOT in three weeks! I'll post a more detailed response on your blog later - but, way to rock it girl!! :)

    Love the 'ridiculous' TV Solution!! :)

    @Amanda - 4am! That's pretty early in the day, lady - did you end up having one for breakfast? :p