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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

GDE. Week Two: Dog Days

I really love my Saturday mornings; I've got this routine down where I go to Communications Park in Plano & walk for HOURS. Literally, hours - 4, to be exact.  I like to marathon walk - well, it's not ACTUALLY a marathon; but it is 10-20 miles that I'll walk on my Saturdays.  I stop when I feel like I'm going to pass out & then I typically go home, shower, nap & when I wake up?  It's Saturday night & time to go play. (1)  So, for me to give up my Saturday routine for a date?  Was selfishly a little hard for me.  I actually frowned as I passed the exit for my Park... who suggested Saturday morning?? He did.  Oh.. but I WAS the one who suggested 8am.  Dork.  Oh well, I'm committed now.

Stephen was easy to spot; but not because he looked just like his photos.  Oh, to be sure, he did - and he was charming; though, a little more salt/pepper than I had expected.  I don't care, though; had crushed on Sean Connery since I was like 6. (2)  Nope, Stephen was easy to spot because he brought his dog.  Nice.  We're now officially reenacting "Must Love Dogs" ... do I need to go rent one to fit in?? For anyone that hasn't seen a Weimaraner before?  They're BIG.  

After we said our hellos, Stephen said, "Got your coffee drink in the car - Chuck was a little excited and wanted to walk around.. want to go get it?"  When I excitedly agreed that yes, we should go grab our drinks? (3)  He tossed me his keys and said, "Black Range Rover, three slots from the back. Could you grab mine, too??"  Ummm..... ok.  I guess he DOES have the dog to contend with... but still, there's no way I'm giving a stranger the keys to my car.  His?  Was probably not much different than you'd expect from a surgeon; holy cow... there wasn't a spec of dust, dirt, stray paper, anything.  He's officially NEVER seeing my car; aside from having 2 kids?  It's kind of my mobile office.  So, not gonna lie - it's pretty much regularly an example of controlled chaos.

When I come back from getting the drinks, he's engrossed in conversation with a couple who is seriously obsessed with Chuck.  I politely listen as he goes on about how cool of a breed it is, etc.. I figure I'm getting to learn a little more about something that's clearly important in his life, right??  Besides, this allowed me to sip my drink in peace; which is a big part of my Saturday routine... Even still? No way was I prepared for Chuck being the entire focal point of our day's conversation.

TWO HOURS.  This is how long you can talk about a dog.  Exclusively.  Holy Cow.  We walked along the lake and I learned all about Chuck's history, his likes/dislikes (4), the games Stephen played with him, the way Chuck needs to be cared for, and the problems Chuck caused in his marriage.  Not gonna lie, I zoned out on a fair amount of the dog talk but totally refocused when he said the dog had been a major factor in deciding to divorce.  SAY WHAT?!  Evidently, Chuck? Spent every night of his 'married life' in bed with he and his ex-wife... who was not a dog-lover.  Greatness.

I had 2 options; cut this thing short or see it for the fertile playground for me to play amateur psychologist that it was.  So obviously, I went with the latter! :p  I mean, if I were truly trying to date this guy? I'd have cut it short and run... but, I'm experimenting here and learning about new personalities, etc.  So.. let's learn.  I spent the next 20 minutes asking him questions about how he responded to his then wife & why he felt like the dog's comfort superseded that of the woman he'd pledged to put above all others, etc..  I wasn't accusatory; I was curious - and I guess he got that, because he answered without irritation.  Actually, I think he was amused.  He felt like she wasn't ever as into him as she was the lifestyle he could provide.. but Chuck? Chuck loved him unconditionally for HIM.  Hmmm... okay.  That doesn't scream bats in the belfry at all, does it??  I get everyone just wants to be loved; but WOW.  And with that?  I suddenly felt as though I was the intruder on our date; rather than Chuck intruding on us.  Figured that was a sign & decided it was time for me to go...

Next week?  I'll remember to ask about pets.

(1) Thank G-d for my housekeeper because if I had to clean house on Saturday?  No way I'd pull that off.
(2) Who didn't?  Also crushed hard on Tom Selleck until someone (*Michelle*) pointed out he looked like my Dad and darn if that didn't just kill it for me.  My MOTHER did the same thing not too long ago with Robert Downey, Jr. & the comparison to my Dad.  Darnit, Mom - that was just wrong... Love Dad, but it's not right to compare him to my celeb crushes! :p  Oh well, still have The Rock & Cusak & No One will make a comparison to my Dad with either of those.
(3) what? I like my 'coffee drinks' :p
(4) the dog has preferences.  It's a dog; who knew???

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