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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

#TR30 Days - Week 3 is Behind Me

For a faster "Catch-Up" Session?? Just read the updates in this color. :)  left the rest as a reference back. . .  If you're just catching this and want to know what it is?  Watch the video 
Gratitude: "Gratitude is not only the Greatest of all virtues; but the parent of all the others." ~ Cicero(Ok, this 'bucket' was absolutely snagged from @Sexythinker, the talented Ms. Amanda Hite - but it's fantastic & absolutely fits with where I want my focus to remain!)
  • Make a point of reaching out and expressing gratitude to 1 person that has made a positive impact in my life each day. Wk3 UPDATE: I'm loving this - and since gratitude doesn't have to be on a large scale? Might never stop.  This past week was really about my daughters - working on building their self-esteem through the expression of gratitude for the many blessings they've brought to my life & cool things they do! #PositiveParenting

  • Start integrating gratitude as a prosocial behavioral motivator in my work UPDATE: I'm doing this - but sometimes other situations may make this hard to see. 

  • Share 1 thing a day from the Encyclopedia of Gratitude & write about how it's positively affected my life - why I'm grateful for it, too! UPDATE: This week my gratitude writings were on & why it made me grateful:
    • Spices - 3 Words:  Molten Hot Wings.  Now in Ruffles form #dietkiller
    • Pediatricians - The girls' have a GREAT Pediatrician (& he's cute!) & NP (& I genuinely adore her!).  So grateful to know they're always there to help
    • Giving & Receiving an Apology - Sometimes it doesn't come in the form of "I'm Sorry" but I think that just might be okay??  Grateful for the reach-out, just the same, I think.
    • Lingerie - I love my pajama collection! Going to sleep is not only fun, but cute! :D
    • Open 24 Hours - When you need the 2am Diet Coke fix? So. Grateful.
    • Cold Drink, Hot Nights -  It's a bazillion degrees & paired with friends??  #winning 
    • Street Food - Specifically, Street Tacos from Taco Cabana. 

  • Pay it Backward - Reach out to one person that has 'paid it forward' with me and see how I can help them in return... then do it! UPDATE: Meeting next week to implement.  YAY!!!!!!  Does this mean I could accomplish this by wk 4?? Rock On.

  • Make a point of working on repairing a couple of key relationships that I let lapse over the last year UPDATE: Done.  

  • Do something with 1-2 friends that I normally don't get time to go do things with - expand my social 'outings' outside of my norm so I can really get to better know and appreciate my friends/connections - going to try to schedule something once a week. UPDATE: This was really cool - met up with someone I haven't had time to see in a YEAR - Twice this past week!!!  :) :) 

  • Be open to dating - still not real hip on the thought of another serious relationship; but I guess they don't start there, do they?? :) So, I'm resolved to say 'Absolutely' to at least one invitation over the next 30 days. Still has to be with someone I'd WANT to go out with - I'm not going to just say 'sure' to anybody. Criteria should still apply, right??? :) UPDATE:  Accomplished.  Definitely.  

  • Restart Champagne Thursdays with the local ladies! :D UPDATE: Didn't do it this week - our schedules didn't sync.  Sorry, ladies - maybe this next week?
Giving Back- Volunteering/Altruism Project:
  • Complete the Natural Disaster Donation Project (1) by end of June.UPDATE: More drop-offs done.  Last pick-up scheduled for July 14th - that's their next availability.

  • Start the "Altruism Adventure" with the girls - teaching the importance of altruism, demonstrate the principle in my own life & have the 3 of us perform 1 altruistic act a week. UPDATE:  In Progress - and the kids are really into it.  Lindsey's all into this charity that I don't get AT ALL but it moves her; so, I guess that's good.  Natalie is having fun on more of a neighborhood level; but I'm okay with that, too.  It's a starting ground.  

  • Continue volunteer efforts - for this 30-days, want to include work with Attitudes & Attire. UPDATE: SUIT DRIVE GOING NOW - LADIES, OPEN YOUR CLOSETS!

  • Organize a suit drive for Attitudes & Attire. UPDATE: Started collecting stuff yesterday! :)

  • Find a workable date for the Blood Drive for Providence & continue to work towards facilitating/organizing that event. UPDATE: Still no progress.  This bullet?  Might not be accomplished. :(
Health & Fitness - Mental & Physical:
  • Drink my 3 liters of water a day (and stop complaining that I don't like how it tastes! LOL) UPDATE: Never going to commit to 3L of water again.  Doing it, but it takes until after midnight to do it each day!!! LOL  I AM water-logged.

  • Integrate One 15k each week IN ADDITION to the daily 10ks... cut time by 30-seconds/mile UPDATE: Yeah, I'm not getting the additional 15k in, but I HAVE cut over 40 seconds off my mile with the 10ks, so that's cool!   I also started yoga & am doing Insanity (going to kill me, I'm telling you now).

  • Restart Physical Therapy for my jaw - increase opening from 24mm to 28mm by end of 30days UPDATE: Doing my home exercises!  No 'crunching' this last week!!!  PROGRESS! :)

  • 1 hour of dance EVERY day UPDATE: DID THIS!! :) SO.MUCH.FUN!!!  I LOVE THIS SO SO MUCH!  This is greatness.  Only wiped out 1 time - gotta stop wearing socks when I'm dancing on hardwoods.

  • Do squats for 30 minutes every day while watching "How I Met Your Mother" UPDATE: I hate squats.

  • Start friends Bible study with A (and maybe Julie?) UPDATE: Every day, every day, every day - love it.  

  • 5:30 am workouts 3 days a week with Heather UPDATE: Yeah, not so much. 

  • Read 3 books a week - but make sure one is just for fun and one is for general learning & one is for business (rather than ALL on business). UPDATE: Ok, got those 3 done.  The Help WAS sad (thanks Kate) - Probably only going to get one book in this week... but listing 3:  Too Big to Fail, Jessica's Tweet This! book & Run Like a Mother.  
  • Register for remaining conferences for 2011. UPDATE: Signed up for RadicalToronto!!  guess that's 4!  So, now HRSouthwest... not really looking good for Blogher but I'm STILL trying! 

  • Solidify Q3 Social Media Plan & Strategies for TxMQ & Clients. Write proposal for same. UPDATE: Done.

  • Revisit 2011 business plan strategies for Q3 & Q4UPDATE: Done.

  • Gain commitment to bi-weekly trainings for team & write schedule.UPDATE: Broached subject; working on training material revamp. 

  • Finish new BD opp presentation for potential RPO client. UPDATE: Done! :)

  • Restart video blogging for work. Commit to 1/week UPDATE: Decided I'm not ready for work vlogs; so switched this to personal & prosocial vlogging so I can be ready for the next 30 day challenge. :)  - Got the next prosocial vlog in. I'm never gonna be on TV. :p 

  • Identify a potential Jr. BD person for DFW. UPDATE: Done & Done. :)

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