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Friday, July 1, 2011

GDE. Week Four: Brad

So Michael wasn’t bad… a little judgy, but overall we had a nice week. Which means jumppilot has a bar that’s been set for him; granted, it’s not all that high… but it’s a bar, nonetheless.

About Me:
I’m Seeking a woman with a great soul and smile. A woman with kindness in her heart. Someone that shares similar interests. A confident woman that wouldn’t mind having a man to lean on occasionally. I enjoy traveling abroad, playing my guitar, performing live with the band, spending time on my boat, but most of all… hanging out with my kids.

First Date:
Dinner, drinks, conversation, the usual getting to know each other stuff. Maybe out on my boat and drinks at the marina if you’re feeling bold!!

From: Jumppilot
You probably have the best written profile on here. It’s really long though. How many people actually read through all of it? I see a lot that I relate to and would like to get to know you better. Want to meet for dinner?

From: TheOneCrystal
I’m not sure how many people actually read all the way through the profile; I’m guessing by the number of “Ur HOT” emails? Probably not enough. What do you relate to or would you rather wait and tell me over dinner?

From: Jumppilot
Well, if you’re available for dinner Friday night then let’s do it over dinner. I live in Southlake – how far is that from where you live. Where is Aubrey, anyway? What kind of food do you like? There’s pretty much everything you can imagine here.

From: TheOneCrystal
So, my Mom’s a teacher in Southlake and my family (including the girls’ Dad) lives in Keller. I go through Southlake pretty much every Friday – how about we meet at Southlake Town Center? There’s this great little diner there, Taco Diner… have you been? Love their Cobb Salad, but forget what they actually call it there. If that works then I can meet you at 7:30 after I’ve dropped off the girls. Love the band pics.

From: Jumppilot
Yeah, that’s just something my friends and I do for fun. I love playing the guitar and have since I was a teenager. We’re all pilots and so that makes the whole thing a little more fun and where the jumppilot name came from. When you “fly the friendly skies?” You’re flying with me and my buddies. Taco Diner is great; I eat there once a week. Great mojitos. Sounds like a plan.

From: TheOneCrystal
Ok, I confess I’m not much of a mojito person and while I know you’re talking about United; I’ve also got to confess I only fly American and Southwest. So… over dinner you’ll have to tell me why I should try United Airlines for my next travel need. :) See you then. Thank goodness we have photos now; could you imagine if we were still in the days of “you’ll know me because I’ll have a book and yellow rose at my table??” LOL I just cracked myself up… later!

What was that?! “yellow rose at my table???” Sheesh… Ok, no points for smoothness there, Crystal. Fortunately, he’s older than I am - enough that I think that might be given grace under the “at least she’s chatting with me” or “she’ll grow out of it.” (1) Oh, snap!! I totally forgot to ask for his name! This’ll be fun…

(1) I’m ok with either, really- it's only a week, right?? :p

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