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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Insanity #TR30Days

While having skinny margaritas with Dawn last night, I told her I needed to spend the next couple of months REALLY focused on toning my body & increasing  my flexibilty.  I had a little bit of a reality check yesterday - I really am the skinniest I've EVER been.  Last week, Ashley called me 'tiny' and I thought she was nuts; I see myself every day in the mirror, and I certainly didn't see it.  'Cause, see... the fat girl I used to be?  I saw her for about a decade - and I didn't hate her.  I wasn't one of those stereotypical 'ugly fat chicks' that you see made fun of on TV... I've always been somewhat attractive and wore the weight fairly well, overall. (1)  This guy I dated back in 200.. something... don't remember anymore; gonna go with 2006?  Anyway, he said I was "Southern." LOL  I liked that.

Anyway, looking in the mirror yesterday?  The fat girl isn't there anymore (2).  I really AM thin; it's just time to get toned.  So, I'm focusing on definition for the next 60 days.  I've been put on weight restriction by my doctors; so I was kinda stressing how I was going to get that done.. but, we got it figured out:  I can use my own body as resistance, so.... tomorrow?  I start INSANITY.

Which actually?  Probably proves I -am- certifiably insane.

The lazy girl in me says, "Oh, but you should wait until the 20th when you start your 2nd #TR30Days challenge... and maybe get your headaches under control!"  Um, yeah; I COULD do that; but I'm not going to.  Part of the growth/development plan I've chosen requires when you see something you need to do/change?  You do it - all in; commit.  So, I'm doing it.  NOW; committed.  In addition, I'm still doing my 10ks and will be adding in yoga 3 times a week for more flexibility and a little bit of meditation (3).  I follow Fit Chick in the City and they recommend "calling out" your workouts - because if you commit to it with others?  You're more likely to do it.  Sounds a lot like the #TR30Days program's philosophy, doesn't it???  Sharing it with you guys so I follow-through and the ding-dong eating, lazy girl in me (4)?  Doesn't win out on this one. ;) 

(1) because it mostly hung out on my rump, I didn't even have to SEE it all that much - but it was a little bit ridiculous to have a 24 inch waist and 52" (yeah folks, 52 inches) rear end.  42-24-52 - yeah... ouch.
(2) measurements now?  36-21-36 :) sz 2/4 skirt, size 6/8 jeans size 4 top.  Smallest I've ever been; don't need to get any smaller - just defined! :p
(3) which I honestly SUCK at (pardon my language) - my mind is typically going 100 different directions at once any given time...but, Ty's latest blog post kinda inspired me to give it a shot.. maybe I'll include that in my next TR30Days list? :p
(4) I actually don't eat ding-dongs, can't stand them as they're too sweet for me - but it sounded good to say!

1 comment:

  1. Good going with the planning and I look forward to seeing the results.
    I, myself will work on more yoga for flexability. Then add 3 mile bike rides twice a week.
    My goal is to loose 10 more pounds by September.
    You have inspired me.