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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Myspace Migration: Tuesday, It's a Good Day...

Current mood:giddy
I'm just really enjoying myself today. It's been crazy busy, but I like that! Got good news: my neighbor is going to make it - that's the good part. The unfortunate part is that he's got a VERY long recovery ahead of him. I think in these things you have to focus on the positive, though - he's still got an "ahead of him" to speak of.
I hit my latest and greatest breakpoint at work which translates into more money for me - so yay! I LOVE MY JOB - I swear, I'm having so much fun with the new development practice. I like to research and learn new things and there's a lot to do and learn. I'm going to have to talk to work about getting a laptop, though. My computer here is just kinda hosed and with my personality, I really need the portability, anyway. Which, I've got money in the practice to do it, so that should be fine. We'll see.

Was talking with someone today and was asked if I had really thought through WHY I wanted the things I want out of a relationship. That was an interesting question to me. Seriously, I'm not sure anyone's ever quite asked that before. Lots of people ask WHAT I want, but that's not the same as why I want it. And yes, I do know why I want what I want. Hadn't really thought about it, but I can articulate why I'm looking for "comfortable" as opposed to "exciting" or "make my heart skip a beat." You know what? I've got the latter every day of the week. I've got an exciting, fast-paced job, and more than enough stress/unknown variables between work and being a single-parent. So comfortable is really what I need when it comes to a relationship and really, what feels good to me. (Yes, my sarcastic friend Christopher, I realize that you're going to read this and say that's not terribly romantic. I have two things to say to that: 1 - You don't date me, so what the heck does it matter, anyway? and 2 - Sue Me. :p) As far as building a relationship with someone to where they become my best friend - who wouldn't want that in a partner??? I mean, really... when the fireworks start to fade (and yes, they DO tend to Christopher - romantic or not, even you can't say they're all bright and shiny 24/7/365/lifetime), wouldn't you want that???

Gotta go workout before the PTA meeting. The girls want to watch "Dancing with the Stars" tonight- Jackie's got them hooked - so we're going over there for a "Star-Studded Soiree" complete with sparkling cider for the kids (red wine for the adults) and Wing-Stop Garlic Parmesean, Lemon Pepper, and Barbeque Chicken Wings. We're Oh-So-Cultured.

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