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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Myspace Migration: Back Up & Running... Sorta

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Well, I have a semi- functional computer so I'm back online. I have a list mile long of topics I want to blog about (1). It's been an interesting week or so. I've been texting my friends programmed into my text message list with my major updates (2) and everything else has just been added to the list. Thanksgiving was quiet since the girls were with their Dad and I did shop on Black Friday. In truth, I think I single-handedly supported the US economy! LOL I had a loaner Durango while they were putting the DVD player into the Pacifica and I filled that sucker up twice with stuff. *Sigh* But, I'm basically done shopping, so that's good.

I got my decorations up. Will put up pictures as soon as I reload all the stuff for my phone onto my laptop. I hung lights outside for the first time ever - basically BY MYSELF! Yay! And, they're cute (3). The tree was a total undertaking. I have a new pre-wired tree that had both clear and multi-colored lights. I'm not personally a fan of multi-colored lights on my tree. I like clear lights. So, I had to strip off the pre-wiring so I could extract the colored lights and then add more clear lights so it met my liking. I now have 2100 clear lights on my tree. It's beautiful.

More later. It's kid time.

(1) Like that's a suprise to anyone - and Yes, I will be breaking it into different posts for those with ADD :)

(2) Like how my outdoor lights look, or pics of the SUV I filled up, or my beautiful tree!! :)

(3) It's not completely symmetrical, which bugs me a bit, but given that's the first time I've EVER had to do it, I'm ok with it.

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