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Monday, November 13, 2006

Myspace Migration: Monday Funday

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So, the girls stayed with their Dad last night because they didn't have to go to school this morning and honestly, it was easier for me (that's ok, now and again, right?). Picked them up this morning for an early morning dental appointment. Yeah, the dentist's office was closed. They rescheduled our appointment to 2pm. Kinda forgot to tell us - wasn't that just peachy?? LOL

The kids went to work with me. Where I found out that somebody swiped the DVD player I bought for the kids' playroom at work. I just don't get that. They left the gamecube, but they took the cheap-o DVD player. *Sigh* Fortunately, my kids managed to amuse themselves for awhile and I did actually get some work done.

We had the dental appointment. Lindsey's teeth weren't a huge issue to do today; Natalie still hurts. She had one tooth they had to do a LOT of work on today - she might actually lose that tooth, we're not sure yet. Anyway, we get done and they want me to double pay them - I had already done that. Sometimes I wonder if they just throw out numbers and people say, "Oh, ok!" and just blindly pay it.
Home now. Have a TON of work to do and really need to get to the store, but don't want to leave the kids alone (that would be irresponsible parenting) and don't want to take Nati out of her bed (poor thing). So, I think tomorrow might be a cinnamon roll breakfast, though I tend to think that's a lot of sugar for those little bodies that early in the morning.

I kind of feel like snuggling up with the girls in my bed, reading Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and trying again tomorrow.
Still no word on my neighbor. I'm really not in a bad mood, though it may seem like it reading this blog. I'm just sort of spent. Maybe I need some coffee?? I have a Tassimo, I could arrange that!! :)

I had this thought today: how many of our decisions are really critical? I mean, I say that every choice I make brings me to where I am today - as if they're all this interwoven tapestry that if you pull one string, you'll screw up the picture... so all strings must stay intact. However, I wonder if it isn't more like SOME of our decisions make a difference and a bunch of them just don't really matter a whit. So, I can choose to try a Pumpkin shake (which is not on my diet and took about 3 seconds to remember that I don't really care for pumpkin) and it won't have an effect on tomorrow - excepting that it was $3 I didn't really need to spend and over 30 years what would that $3 bring in interest?? LOL Anyway, hopefully you get my point. If some of your decisions don't really matter, does regret become then a useful thing? Does it allow you to become more carefree or does it become that much more important to think through your choices so that you aren't flippant on the wrong decision? My logic is getting fuzzy, I'll stop there.. just something I was mulling over.

I can't believe I didn't remember I don't like Pumpkin all that much...

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