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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Myspace Migration: Voice Your Vote

Voice Your Vote - Election Day 2006
It seems like, for the last 10 years at least, I hear each election day that there are "no good candidates." Why bother to vote? I don't like anybody.

Hmmm... You know I think it is harder to identify with any one particular candidate and be completely sold - at least it has been for me. But, then again, I'm not voting the party line - I'm voting the issues. So, it's quite commonplace for me to have a hard time finding a candidate that I agree with ALL their viewpionts, across all my hot-button issues. I personally would like to see changes to our Land Commissioner, our Comptroller of Public Accounts and actually, our Attorney General. In local news, I'd like to see changes to the District Attorney. In more than one of those positions, I have a hard time finding a candidate that I like.

But the solution is not to throw away my vote! Call me an activist (you'd be wrong, but you wouldn't be the first), call me over-passionate on this issue - say whatever you like, but it literally gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach when I hear that people didn't vote. Seriously, it is our civic responsibility to vote as part of being an American Citizen. And since there is not a single person that I know that doesn't enjoy at least SOME of the benefits of citizenship; there shouldn't be a single person I know that doesn't step up to the responsibilities of it!
Why vote? Every single one of these positions have impact on your life. Example: Attorney General - we have different things the AG can focus on: Greg Abbott has spent a lot of time [in my view largely unsuccessfully] chasing after deadbeat parents and back child-support - we could have someone that not only addresses that, but maybe also focuses on things like mandatory local public voting before installation/enforcement of new toll roads, water piracy, and utility degregulation stabilization of rates. Ok, so maybe I didn't phrase all that as well as I could of, but you get the idea... Every one of us either directly or indirectly pays for utilities and most of us in N. Texas utilize toll roads. Wouldn't you like to know you had a say in installing someone who could help regulate how much you're paying for these things??

Another reason to vote is local issues. Example: liquor sales for dry areas. We have an issue to vote on where I live that would allow the sale of beer and wine in grocery stores in the specific city in which I live. That's important - not being able to (our current status) has impeded grocery stores from coming into our up-and-coming area of development. Not only do I have to currently drive nearly 20 mintues to get to a grocery store; our area is losing out on some significant tax revenue. With my vote, I have the opportunity to help address that!

http://www.sos.state.tx.us/elections/voter/2006_primary.shtml - This site takes you to the Secretary of State's website - and will have information on every position up for vote, who the candidates of record are, ect. Be informed - it's not too late... And then Voice Your Opinion - Vote!!

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