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Thursday, November 2, 2006

Myspace Migration: Champagne Thursday

I.am.Martha.Freaking.Stewart. Seriously, I'm pretty excited about what I'm cooking this evening. Walnut Cranberry Stuffed Chicken; Fresh Green Beans with Tuscan Herbs, and grilled Sweet Potatoes. Did I mention I love to cook??? I decided I needed to de-stress this evening and cooking is just so much fun! Plus, I'm fixing a healthy dinner to boot, so you can't beat that!

I'm loving the change of pace at work. I didn't really realize how much I needed it. Plus, I'm one month into the 4th quarter and I'm at 118% of my goal! Yay, me! :) I had so much fun today researching.... They're telling me I move offices again MAYBE this week, maybe next - that's the only really unsettling thing about work right now. I know I'm moving again, so I don't want to settle in.
I'm about to go walk as soon as Jade's Dad picks her up. I've got 20 new songs loaded and I'm pumped because the walking trail around the neighborhood lake is done!! And it's crisp and chilly outside.. so pretty! Seriously, the world is a beautiful place to be part of today.

Champagne Thursday will be celebratory tonight. I've got good stuff going on at work, I'm confident today's meal will be fantastic and there have been some interesting developments on the personal front. So, I can't complain...
Maybe more later; there was SOMEthing I wanted to talk about, but I can't put my finger on it at the moment.

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