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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Myspace Migration: Weekend Blog

Not a whole lot planned for today, and I'm simply in a state of bliss over it. We might go to the art museum after church tomorrow, but today, we're chilling out.
I got sleep last night. I mean deep, dreamless, restful sleep. I was out early (before 11) and didn't wake up until 6 this morning. It was beautiful. This morning, Nati and I watched "The Goodbye Girl" on TV while I worked on my laptop. We had breakfast in bed (well, ok, she had breakfast, I had coffee). It was a lovely way to start the day, but she totally nailed me. Ok, this movie is a total chick flick in which the female lead has the tendancy to put up these emotional barriers, but really she's a sucker for romance. So, of course, my 7-year-old kid says rather poignantly, "Hey Mom - that's like you! You're like her!" Yeah, except I leave them rather than have them leave me. LOL Kids. That was a little too much inight for my taste, so I had her grab Legally Blonde. That's guaranteed to dumb down a room.
I am a closet romantic, though - but Shhhh... it's a secret. ;) So, have to think of something fabulously fun to do with the girls this weekend since it's their last weekend of freedom before they start school next week. Wish me luck!
So, I've been ditched. My kids have decided they'd rather play with their friends than hang out with silly, old Mom. Why, I can't even imagine... I LOOOOOVED hanging out with MY Mom when I was their age. Oh well, it'll give me time to do some laundry, gloat over the kick-butt candidate I landed while working this morning and try to find some burled walnut frames for the new photos for my bedroom. I'm going with pictures of places I've been/want to see.. and I think I want one of those antiqued, oversized, gold-leafed maps to put over the loveseat in the bedroom. I don't know, though - that feels more like an office piece. I need something smashing for over the loveseat, though - it's a huge blank wall waiting for my mark!
I wish I had something really cool to think about this morning, but I've had chick-flicks on in the background, so it's really chick-ish thoughts running through my head - nothing really worth ruminating on.
I HAVE to go see the movie Trust the Man.. I guess I'm assuming it hasn't come out yet. I was doing laundry, flipping through channels and saw a "making of" segment (yes, I'm a geek, I really get into those). Anyway, the director was talking and it sounds like a great, smart-aleck-type-romantic-comedy. And, since I like laughing in theatres (really do not understand the concept of paying to see something that you know IN ADVANCE is going to bum you out - aren't movies supposed to be entertainment??) and I adore all things wise-arsed... I figured this is a must see. Plus, it's got Julianna Moore, whom I adore and David Duchoveny (sp?) who does nothing for me, but isn't dismal as an actor. Ok, just had to blog that so I wouldn't forget it later.
My kids have no culture. How did I end up with un-cultured children? I know, don't say it - because I don't force it. I figure it'll come with age. Seriously, though; they just decided they'd rather go tomorrow after my meeting with Jeff and Steph. Which is cool, because Mom was griping about us going to the musuem without her. I don't really have the heart to tell her that I do that regularly, anyway. So, instead they're going to play with these kids that are moving after this weekend, and then this evening I'm going to take them to Glorias and Double Dip.
I had tortilla soup for breakfast this morning - nothing else sounded good. Watched "Failure to Launch" at 3am this morning - I think it's funny that every now and again I'll become cognisant of the fact that I literally cheer at the end of a romantic comedy. There's the compulsory "Yay!" that must be said when they get together. I'm such a girl.

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