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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Myspace Migration: Love, Lies, and the Lettuce Masque

I'm in love. Seriously, deliriously crazy in love... With the orange sorbets I bought from Central Market. Ok, get this, they're adorable!! They're packaged in actual oranges that have been hollowed out. The sorbet is then put into the orange and the little orange cut-out top is put back on. And all that cuteness is rolled into 89 calories of YUM! Had a scratchy throat last night, so that's what I had for dinner. And I'm hooked. Can't wait to go back and get another set and try their coconut and lime ones (yes, those are served in coconuts). Doesn't it just envoke visions of a more peaceful, laid-back time where women wore Victorian lace dresses and had lovely wire bistro sets under a shade tree near the Eastern shore with thick, hand-blown glasses full of Lemonade with actual lemons? Ok, so maybe that's just me...

Anyway, it got me off on this tangent of what are the things I truly love in my life? What are the things that I would not want to live without? Not talking about people here; that's a whole different train of thought. Ok, so I love my career. In the right scenario, I could see focusing more on family and less on career, but I can't really picture giving it up completely. I like it too much. It just suits me. I love music - can't ever picture giving that up (or being with someone who would require me to not have it on and around as much as I do now). Love to read; couldn't give up my unfettered access to every bookstore/library imaginable. I even enjoy law libraries (and sometimes wonder if that wouldn't have been a good profession for me to go into, too - however, Dad said he'd disown me). Love, Love, Love witty sitcoms (think Seinfield, Weeds, Scrubs, even SATC) - I think, as much as I enjoy A&E, I wouldn't want to give those up. I'm willing to admit I'm hopelessly addicted to technology - I love my PDA phone (will rant and rave more about that in a moment) and my computer and my copier/fax (I think it's really cool that you can email a document to a fax machine) and my high-tech hair gadgets. I wouldn't want to give those up. In fact, I think I'd go so far as to say I'm not sure I COULD give up my coffeemaker... once I figured out how to use it, I'm not sure I could give up that technology. It seriously rocks.

But everything else? I think I could take or leave. Is it really possible to be "in love" with technology? Or is it really more of an addiction to convenience? I was talking with my Dad yesterday while we were having lunch (was in the area with a client thing, and you should always try to capitalize on opportunities to see your parents, especially when they are as cool as mine). He was talking about how there was a magazine write-up about how people have become addicted to their Blackberries (and I can only assume other PDAs). There is an actual compulsion to checking your email. And, I had to laugh, because I.Am.So.There. I'm one of those people that have to physically stop myself from checking my email when out and about. Now, I tell myself that it's because I work off my phone (I'm a recruiter, it's all about being connected)... but, truly - I'm addicted to being IN THE KNOW. I don't like to be behind the curve; I love that my phone sends me news updates via email, I know every time someone I think worth reading has published a new blog (even if Brian posts like a dozen a day), I've gotten that resume, or whatever. I like being able to take a photograph of an example of a quality built home that a candidate did to send to a client or what I look like in a lettuce masque (will get into more later). I like being connected. So, I think the addiction, for me, isn't so much to check my email - but to be informed. Of Whatever, Whenever - and the PDA phone does that for me. I do so love my Treo. But, I really didn't notice it until Jackie pointed it out on our trip. I swear, I thought she was going to swat my hand at one point when I was reaching to "get mail" for like the 4th time in 5 minutes. LOL Now I know, but it's oh-so-hard to help myself.

The lie I tell myself is that it's all in the name of work. I'm doing it FOR WORK - to perpetuate my business. Ok, so that's not completely inaccurate, but as I stated earlier, it's really not the whole story, either. And that makes me wonder a bit about the little lies we tell ourselves and why we do it. Sometimes it's about gratification "Oh, this 2nd brownie won't do any real harm" (no, but you may not fit into your jeans tomorrow) or "I can charge this doo-dad because I know I'll get my bonus check in before the statement hits." Mm-hmm, right. Sometimes, it's about self-preservation - like my Treo thing - who really wants to think that they've got a compulsion disorder that borders on controlling paranoia because they're naturally nosy/don't want to miss out? It's much easier to think it's all about putting food on the table.. LOL Who really wants to think that the reason they emotionally disconnect is because they're afraid to get rejected? It's much easier to think you're "just trying to have fun right now." Oh, the little lies we tell ourselves.
And we all do it. There's not a one of us who doesn't. The truth is, we're all a little crazy. The question becomes what brand of crazy are we? For single people, we then have the added responsibility of figuring out not only what brand of crazy WE ARE, but what brands of crazy works for us, as well. If my brand of crazy is a compulsive need to be in the know/be connected, then it wouldn't behoove me to try to forge a relationship with someone who has a compulsive need to be secretive. They're both control issues, I guess - but, they don't compliment well. I personally think it works best when your brands of craziness has nothing to do with one another, or perhaps fringes on complimenting one another. So, I need to be in the know, I need to be connected - and my potential partner needs to really have everything in his life compartmentalized, organized and make sense. Ok, well, those two really don't conflict - if anything, it would make it easier to "be connected" because he's got everything in it's place, right?? Truthfully, if that's the brand of crazy I end up dealing with in a potential partner, I'd consider myself lucky. Anyway, hopefully you get what I mean.

Tried the Lush Lettuce Masque the night before last. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way my face feels! Even two days later, it feels clean, but has little shine. The disadvantage is that I look like an alien when I'm using it. It's lettuce, so ... It's Green. Oh well, small price to pay for beauty, right??? Tonight I'm doing microdermabrasion (just the Oil of Olay kit; feels great and is totally worth the 20 bucks you'll spend on it), so I figured I'd do Lush's cupcake masque after. It's brown, and makes me look like I've just dipped my face in a pot of icing. But, don't fool yourself - it doesn't taste like icing. I know because my kiddos told me so. :) Ladies, if you want to have some fun, go to Northpark Mall and check out the Lush Store. The Rockstar soap smells awesome and the refridgerated masques are deeee-vine!

That's all for now; I'll check in later.

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