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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Myspace Migration: Playing with the Big Boys

So, I'm topgrading my business - right now, I've got a lot of "Big Boss" searches (DPs) and so I'm talking with the real movers and shakers in my industry. Gotta say, it's thrilling. I'm getting very strategic information about my market space and gaining a more chiseled understanding of why certain companies are doing what they're doing.

There's an interesting tick to playing with the big boys, though - I'm not one. And, truly, it's an advantage. But, it's interesting to me because I have to almost play a different character with each one of these guys. Some of them want to "school me" on the industry, so I let them. You know, they're looking for the fun, giggly Crystal. That's cool, she's in my repetoire. Some of them really appreciate the fact that I know my stuff and like the more high-powered, no-nonsense Crystal. I've got her down pat, so that's fine, too. Some of them are a little too flirty for my taste, but I'm told that's normal, so I'm rolling with it. I just think it's interesting the different faces we have to put on to get the job done.

More later, gotta go to Raph's with Jackie and eat good Mexican food and drink GREAT Margaritas!!!

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