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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Myspace Migration: Stop the Presses!

I got 7 hours of sleep! Holy Cow! I have to admit, I was whisked back to 5th grade science class when I woke up this morning, where I could hear Ms. Lacaze explaining, "There are things that your body will not let you go without. If you're too stupid to do these things, then your body will shut you down and do it for you (she was talking specifically about holding your breath, I think, but it applies)." So, since my stupid brain wouldn't shut down, my body did it for me! Or... something like that. I haven't had coffee yet. LOL

Last night was interesting. Had a great conversation and had to share part one of the lighter parts of it (then I must get ready because I'm running hopelessly behind):

Caller: I got these two long emails and was wondering if I should be concerned - there was a lot there.
Me (puzzled, because they seemed normal to me): I don't think there was anything out of the ordinary, there. Just sharing my thoughts.
Caller: Yeah, but they were so long!
Me: Have you actually ever read any of my blogs? I'm pretty verbose.
Caller: Well, I read one (a list). But they weren't about me, so...
Me: LOL, read my blogs - at least scan one - it'll make you feel better. I'm wordy as hell. On all subjects.
Caller: Silence.

Betcha' money they won't be reading those blogs! LOL In another conversation, this guy told me he "knew everything there was to know about me." Oh, REALLY? After 3 conversations and an email? Let's just see about that, shall we? I mean, that did pretty much sound like a challenge to me. So, I ask questions: What music do I like? Um.. Right. What do I like to read? Everything? Nope. I really do not like to read science fiction. I love business books, history books, and classic literature. ( Bitter in Black has become the read of the month, though.) What's my writing style - I mean, if you know everything about me, certainly you have read my writing? Well, I read your "about me" page. Ok, let's sum up - you don't know what I like to listen to, you don't know what I like to read, you don't know how I write or why I write - so, just dealing with the superficial crap, you're 0 for 3. Yeah, you're flying tonight, pal... Better take you to the tables. Where I was informed by email this morning by Mr. DMoney (nickname, and not what you might think, it's cute) that he'll be able to drink for free as long as he's gambling.

Ok, so seriously, I'm starting to understand why I'm still single. :) I'll connect the dots more later, I gotta get ready for work.

I love list-making. Had you asked me if I liked lists, though; I probably would have told you NO. Because I never think about it and it truly sounds kind of nerdy. But, LISTS ROCK! They keep you from being scatter-brained, they help with time-management, and you get to feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the day when you see how much you've done (or be sincerely depressed by what you didn't, but let's stay positive, shall we??).

I have lists for everything. And I Do. Mean. Everything. What I need to do for work, what I'm cooking this week, what I need to shop for, What clothes I'm wearing this week, Chores to be done, Books to read... even Guys. I have a notebook (which I'm slowly transferring on to computer now, because of what happened today) that has tabs and sections for each of the guys I'm seeing/have seen recently. Goes back about a year. Within each section, there are lists. Has the following: Important Information (think age, rank, serial number, address, driving distance, and so on), Strengths/Weaknesses, Interests, Overall Fit. I don't know, it helped me figure out common fit seeing it on paper, and it was nice to cross-reference. I get it - I'm a closet nerd. Anyway, I left it at work. Needless to say... it's no longer a private thing. I'm not really embarrassed by it (but glad I took out the pictures, lol); but, I have a feeling I just gave the person who found it fodder to make fun of me through Armageddon. Tell me I'm not the only one who does that???

Ok, conference call in 15 - will write more later.

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