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Monday, August 28, 2006

Myspace Migration: Dating in DFW, Marriage & Other Conspiracies

So, my kid ran out of the house without turning off the TV. She has, by the way, informed me that she needs to be on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" or some such game show. She says she'd be good at it. *Shrug, she probably would. Anyway, Oprah's on in the background... GOODNESS. Lance Armstrong's ex-wife is on and she's rattling on about how marriage is a conspiracy or something like that.

No. Its. Not. Your view of it, or the views that were taught to you, might have led you to believe that - but, marriage is just a thing. It's an organic state perhaps.. but, it cannot in and of itself "erode the very fabric of your identity," as she states. That's what you allowed it to be - because you were looking for completion. And marriage doesn't do that.

Is there a societal conspiracy to lead one to believe that marriage makes you "More?" That two literally become one and you cease existing in your own right?? Dr. Robin Smith says that marriage is doomed to fail because we make promises to someone from a place where we don't know ourselves. Hmm. Gotta think on this. I really don't know if I agree with this. Could it be true? Sure. Is it blanket truth? I don't think so. What about you?

The fantasy is Prince Charming/Cinderella. I get that. A lot of people think they're going to live the fairy tale. But, I think that there are a lot of people who look at marriage as the kismet, fairy-tale romance of their lives. What if we looked at marriage the way that I think (my opinion) it was designed to be? What if, instead of searching for Prince Charming or Cinderella, we looked for our best friends? What if we didn't base our happiness on our partner, but on ourselves.. and allowed our partners to share in the joys, sorrows, achievements and failures of our lives? When you read in the Old Testament about marriage ~ God talks about companionship in the terms of help-mates. We are to compliment each other... but, he didn't leave out a piece of me (or you). We're whole in and of ourselves, right? So, is the conspiracy that we're not? That we need someone else to make us happy? Does anyone really believe that??

More to say, but I need to take a call that is going to require me to write for work.. will add more later...

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