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Monday, August 21, 2006

Myspace Migration: Confessions of a Sleep-Deprived Drama Queen

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Ok, so maybe I'm not so much a drama queen, but I AM sleep-deprived. Fell asleep at 9pm, which was a good thing - was expecting to get a call sometime between 10 and 11 that would wake me up - never happened. Such is life. What's that song.. I used to love it: "Back to life, back to reality - back to the here and now of things..." Something tells me last night snapped life back into reality. We'll see. And no, I don't want to be any more specific than that. Anyway, woke up a little before 1am and I've been up ever since. Can't write, too darn tired, but I did finally get to see the final episode of Fresh Prince and read a meditation book. Good Times!

The mall was fun. I do so love Jackie... even when she calls me at 8:30 asking if I have more "Sweet Wine" because she and Jay drank all of theirs! LOL Northpark is now my new favorite mall. It wasn't excessively crowded; the stores were cool, and the eateries were fantastic. Jackie said the upstairs is more like your typical mall, but we didn't do that floor. Why would we need to? Lush, Sephora, and Bare Escentuals are on the first floor, and so is Williams Sonoma. OMG, I LLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE Willams Sonoma. In my next life, I want to be a gourmet cook - and I want all my gadgets and pans to come from there. Seriously, if I ever get a house with gas, I'm going there and buying all their copper pans post haste. For today, though; I just got some lovely porcelian coffee cups with plates that have a stunning olive band around the top. I love coffee cups that have the "hotel" look to them; I guess it's because when I'm drinking coffee in them, in my room, I can trick myself into believing it's OK to be lazy. If only for a moment. And I love it when the coffee cups have their little plates with them. I know, I'm SUCH a girl...

We ate at this place called the Kona Grill. Had a fabulous Seared Ahi Tuna Salad with Spinach leaves. Yummmmy. Their Reisling really stunk, though. Anyway, we window shopped. It was fun. Then we went to Central Market. I love that place; they have good foods, good-for-you foods, and you can buy sauces to heat up later. It's really nice to not have to make your own reduction sauce during the week - or worry that you don't have enough Thatch Peppers in your Cream Sauce to make it spicy (or so many you'll burn for the next week). Plus they make fresh mozzarella balls and I make a fabulous mozzarella and tomato dish. Not that it's hard to slice cheese and tomatoes, throw olive oil and pepper over it. LOL This week I will be making Jalepeno Stuffed Chicken with Thatch Cream Sauce and Mexican Rice, Traditional Spaghetti with Roasted Vegetables and Mozzarella/Tomatoes with White Truffle Olive Oil, French Herb Stuffed Chicken with Snap Peas and Roasted Potatoes, and Beer Can Chicken (it's a grill thing) with Spinach Salad. Friday night is pizza night this week.

There is an interesting occurance that I am aware of when it comes to grocery shopping. It does not matter where I shop, I spend nearly the exact same amount of money. It's $160 a week for groceries, $20 for lunches (when I buy salad, snacks and sushi) and $10 for drinks. Doesn't matter whether I buy them at Target, Whole Foods, Central Market or Albertsons... I spend the same amount of money. With that in mind, I prefer to shop at Central Market or Whole Foods for the groceries, because quite frankly, I think I get better food. Target is where I get my lunches because they make the salads for me (I think that's easier than cooking the chicken, slicing it up, and then putting everything together in those cute little containers). Shopping for groceries is fun for me; I like making up menus. It is NOT, however; fun when the kids go, too. If it were up to them, we'd eat Hot Dogs (gag me), Chips, and Cookies for dinner every night.

So, based on the emails in my inbox - let me clear up something that seems to cause some confusion... I was NOT surfing for porn last night. I was trying to get to the Digital Music Selections and you have to pass the Pay Per View section (where the porn lives) to get there. I think the idea of paying for pornography is rediculous and again, if I needed um... "inspiration"... I think my imagination provides better fodder for that anyway, remember??? While I do spend about $20 a month in PPV fees, it's typically for such classics as "The Family Stone" (which the cable company screwed up and I still haven't gotten to rerecord yet) or "Chicken Little."
Well, I'm an hour ahead of schedule; I've already done Yoga and I feel all limber. I guess I could... well, no, I'm caught up on housework (thank you Nicole), my laundry is done, and I've read both books in my house that I committed to reading this weekend. I really don't know what to do with myself right now. Darn it.

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