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Monday, August 14, 2006

Myspace Migration: Manic Monday

Current mood:tired
Or wait, do I mean frantic? Today's been nuts and I'm loving it! I love fast-paced week-days... like the hustle and bustle of industry. Have several searches that require my immediate attention and did some work for it over the weekend that's paying off in spades today. Yes, I do feel like the next American Bad-ass when I can have two new candidates that are 100ead-on matches submitted to a position I just received on Friday.

I've got to finish up 2 PTA plans of work before 5:45 so I can get them to Jennie (the PTA president) when I pick up the disposable cameras to pass out to all the teachers. I've taken on the responsiblity of Yearbook Chair this year for the PTA and acquired the Sponsorship Chair responsibility yesterday by default. No big; I'm good with multi-tasking and I've got delegating down pat over the last few weeks. The kids get to meet their teachers today - I'm SO excited for them!

I really want to fit in a good workout today. Just have some unresolved tension I'd like to burn out. Wonder if I'll get the time, though.... maybe I can sneak out early if my 2:15 meeting doesn't run too late???

Ok, so we met the teachers. I did get the Plans of Work done, the volunteer hours logged, and the cameras put in the right hands. Now, we were about 30 cameras short, but hey -it's a start!ÃI'll see if Target will donate some tomorrow. Natalie has Lindsey's second grade teacher - she'll be good for her, keep her challenged. And, of course, Natalie is everybody's friend - she had at least 5 "best friends" that made it into class with her this year. She's too funny for words.ÃLindsey was given what appears to be an excellent teacher, but there's a snag ('cause you know, perfection would be too much to ask for!): Fran is in Lindsey's class.ÃFran is a little girl that literally tortured Lindsey in 2nd grade. I requested for them to not be in the same class last year and honestly, mostly forgot about her. But this girl is pure evil in a child form. She'd tell Lindsey that she couldn't wait for her to die, so maybe she (Fran) should kill her herself and that she was looking forward to Lindsey's funeral so she (Fran) could spit in her grave. Seriously, that's deranged junk to be coming out of a child under 10. Lindsey would come home freaked out - and honestly, while I told her to ignore it, I don't completely blame her. She (Fran) told the other kids she'd beat them up if they played with Lindsey - it was NOT GOOD. Bottom line, I do NOT want my daughter in the same class with that girl. However, I know that Mrs. Clark is the best teacher for Lindsey and I don't think it's necessarily right for me to request that Fran be moved - she's not my child. So, I don't know exactly what to do. I think I'm going to email Mrs. Bolte and request she call me so we can discuss it and come up with an action plan together. I just don't want Lindsey to get used to this class and then be moved. And, I'm so excited for her about this school year because she finally has the opportunity to have a NORMAL year - she hasn't been sick since her surgery and I'm really pleased with her speech progress.

I realized when I got home that I'm really quite somber this evening. Maybe I'm just tired - or tense, not sure. I SO wish the massage therapist was available right now - my back is in knots. My meeting ran long, so I didn't get my workout in. I think I'm going to go meditate or something while the girls are in their bath. Maybe do that CORE workout thing.. that might be good.

Ok, I obviously don't have meditation down. Someone told me once that the reason Yoga's cool is because it hurts so much you can't think of anything else. Maybe I've never done Yoga correctly, because it's never really hurt that badly for me - but, the concept of blocking out all thoughts is appealing - and one I haven't conquered yet. BUT, tonight was the season premiere of Weeds; which, as we all know, I'm hopelessly addicted. Seriously, that is one 30-minute period where I can space the world out effortlessly. And the season opener was AWESOME! I was cracking up at parts of it - I love dry humor. Next episode looks like it's going to be better than this one was, though. Definately a bright spot in my day.

Although, the best moment of the day came after Weeds when I was sitting in the living room singing to myself. Natalie came down; she couldn't sleep. So, I made her some hot chocolate and while we were waiting for it, we danced around in the kitchen while I sang to her. She likes it when I sing her jazz. I'm telling you, it's moments like that ... that's what life's about. It's all about the little things.

Well, I guess I'm signing off for the evening (unless I hit some sort of ephiphany at 3am that I just can't wait to blog until tomorrow). I made myself a hot drink, too... I'm hoping I can trick myself into going to sleep. 4:30 is going to roll around pretty early tomorrow and I've got a big day - gotta get the girls going for school. I hope everyone else is climbing into their own beds with a smile like the one I have pasted on my face right now. Night all.

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