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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Myspace Migration: Champagne Thursday

Ok, yes, my girlfriend and I totally ripped this off from Failure to Launch after we saw it in theatres... but come on, it's cool.. it's fun to sit on the porch at night with your gal pal and chitty chat. So, I have a lot to celebrate with Champagne Thursday this week. First of all, the company that owes me money is wiring it. So, yay! (Hopefully, they wire the whole fee) Secondly, I don't have to move. I get a new lease that will take me through May 2008. That works for me. I hate moving and now I get to keep the entertainment center! That's definately worth celebrating. Thirdly, I had a fun evening last night, a good evening planned for tomorrow night, and an interesting weekend ahead. I'm bubbly! Finally, got a really good handle on the inventory of candidates that I have - I think I'm going to hire someone to help me with this. I have nearly a million dollars of placeable candidates right now.
Will write more later.

Well, bummer - having to do champagne Thursday alone tonight. That blows. T has a sick little one, though; so.. .it's just me, a bottle of champagne (that I've made a serious dent into) and a bin of strawberries. I'm enjoying them on my own :) However, the whole point of champagne Thursday is to have GIRL TIME! Oh well... life will go on. I love the bubbles in champagne. Seriously; kind of fun to watch (not for long, though - I'm not a cat). While we're on the subject of digestables... next time you eat strawberries - take a moment to run your tongue along the strawberry (or your strawberry along your tongue). If you're into tactiles, this is really a cool thing - strawberrys feel rather cool, and tickle your tongue with the little bumps on them. I don't do it often, but I find that rather amusing.

I have nothing of any real significance to discuss this evening, at least not in relation to my life. There's a book I need to be reading, though - so I guess I'll go get to it.

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