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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Myspace Migration: Sweetness of Saturday

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Let me start with, "I LOOOOOOVE caffine." Seriously. It's awesome. Starbucks in hand and the world is right. Plus I had giftcards from work, so I didn't even have to pay for my caffine fix. The world IS a beautiful place.

The world is a beautiful place. I say that in jest, yet I believe it. That's the filter through which I view my life. So, even when frustrating crap happens (Like showing up to work yesterday and finding all my stuff in boxes, much of it upside down and just chunked, some of it ruined because I have to move offices YET AGAIN) - I spend ten minutes peeved and then I'm over it. Life is wonderful, yet again. It's just the way I am, how I'm made up. More of my job orders went *poof* yesterday - bad market conditions right now... yeah, I was bummed at the loss of 200k in fees, but you know, after a good night in (which was also unplanned; So sorry Chris, we'll get together soon) with music and a chance to unwind, I'm over it. I still have work to do, I'm still employed and I'll get to go on a marketing spree... I'm lucky.

I guess my point to all of this is that I like the way I view the world. And not that "my way" is right ~ (I'm not sure there IS, in truth, a right way or a wrong way) but, I don't understand why everyone doesn't think like this. It just seems like it would be such a complete energy suck to feel like the world is out to get you, or that life is systematically screwing you. Which, while somewhat the counterpoint to my view of life; I know people who view the world this way. Like my ex- for example; he truly believes that life is one giant disappointment - and that's easier for him, so when disappointment does happen, it really doesn't throw him. It's what he expected, you see. I'm not dogging on him, I just don't understand how anyone could live like that. It's terribly depressing and exhausting to me. And it appears to be to him, too. But, when we talk about it; he says that my outlook seems exhausting to him. Different paradigms, I guess... Anyway, just wanted to reflect a little on that; not that it really got me anywhere.. I may come up with more to say on that after my walk.

I'm going walking here in a bit. I'm really enjoying my Saturday walks. They're a lot of fun. And they keep the water weight off, lol. I'm so seriously dehydrated by the end of it that all I can taste is salt. I'm sure that's not healthy, but I get back to my car and suck down a HUGE bottle of Fiji water (call me high-maintainence if you wish, that stuff ROCKS) and then go home and nap while my clothes are in the wash/dryer. Call me domesticated, boring, whatever - I like it.

So my cousin called yesterday and asked for my help finding a job. No problem: he's charasmatic, young, energetic and has a marketing/advertising degree. I'm so happy to help - and would be even if he HAD no degree, was NOT charasmatic, and irritated the hell out of me. It just a bonus that he doesn't. He's family - that's what families do - we help. I told him that and he kind of cracked me up a bit because I really think that caught him by suprise. It shouldn't. I repeated: We're family: that's part of it. We're here to love and help each other. I can help; and help I will.

This seemed like a normal, naturally-held belief. If families don't go above and beyond for each other ~ then what makes them any different than anyone else, save biology? Ok, need to go walk now: I have a busy evening ahead of me and I can't be late. I'm so loving the weather today

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