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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Myspace Migration: Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!
Current mood:giggly

LOL, I'm such a goober! So, I went to bed pretty early last night - I think I was asleep around 10:15 and was dozing far before that. Definately early for me, anyway. Well, I sleep with the television on because the noise helps (something I picked up post-divorce, never had a tv on when I was married, I think my ex- provided the white noise). Anyway, I have done this long enough that I'm familiar with the characters on the show that is playing when I wake up in the morning.

So, this morning I wake up, see those characters and start getting ready for my day. Get up, work out, take a shower, send a reply text from someone's text last night, get dressed... and then go out and get my coffee. The only clock in my house is in my kitchen and as I'm making my cup of expresso, I see the time: it's 1:39 in the morning. Evidently, this program runs more than once a night! LOL Of course, at that point, it was SO hard to go back to sleep because the workout had woken me up.
But still, it IS beautifully cold today...

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