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Monday, October 30, 2006

Myspace Migration: Monday, Monday

Current mood:calm
It's been a looooooong day. And, of course, we're not done yet. I didn't end up watching "The Break-Up" last night - I fell asleep composing an email. Then, I got woken up by a phone call and I think I managed to get myself more confused than I was before I talked with the person. Yay, me...
Lindsey stayed home from school sick today. I'm SO ready to be back at the office... I'm also ready to work out. Think I'm going to do that...
I had interesting things to say; but now I can't remember them. I'll try again later.

Oh my Goodness, the season finale of Weeds was AWESOME! Before it came on, I fufilled the pampered princess routine. The kids wanted "Kid Time" to themselves- playing, so I had the time. Ladies, the pampered princess routine rocks. You take a shower (to get squeaky clean) and then you take a bath. Lush Bath bomb, and a Lush gritter bath ball (the pink one) and it smells like heaven and has enough bubbles to be the set of a Jenna Jameson movie... light some candles, throw on a CD and you've got one great backdrop to relax to.

There are lyrics stuck in my head tonight.. From Blue October's "Hate Me:"
"Will you never say you love me just to put it in my face?"
"And will you never try to reach me? It was I who wanted space.."
Why is that stuck in my head?

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